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  1. Pranaams Gurujis, Can someone please tell me any remedies for my above mentioned problems apart from wearing gemstones. Sarad.
  2. Dear Learned Members, Can someone please look into my charts for my problems. Pranaams Sarad
  3. Dear Gurujis, Please respond to my queries without fail. Pranaams, Sarad
  4. Pranaam Gurujis, Can you please indicate whether any other remedies can be carried out other than wearing gem stones (as I am not favourable for this) to improve my situation with regards to my career and progeny prospects. Also can you please provide me the dasha chart indicating different periods. I would like to inform that some of the Gurujis have indicated in this forum to continue medication / not to go for the second child at this stage / will conceive naturally etc. So I am a bit confused and worried what to follow. That is the reason I have put the request again for progeny prospects... Please predict if any progeny prospects are indicated in the near future naturally or any medication is required to be taken ( my husband is not in favour of any medication as we have undergone a lot of problems while concieving my first child). Wife DOB : 16.09.1973, TOB : 06.30 AM, Place : Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Husband DOB : 02.01.1968, TOB : 11.30 AM, Place : Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. Pranaams, Sarad.
  5. Dear Gurujis, Please analyse my career prospects. Pranaams Sarad
  6. Dear Gurujis, I am undergoing through a lot of mental stress with regards to my career and personal life. When I will have a good career break ? I am desparately waiting. Inspite of my hard work, there is no recognition at all. Should I continue with this career or opt for doing something on my own. Will I be able to achieve better life like that. Please read my horoscope and guide me accordingly. Also, we have been desparately trying for a second child, but not able to succeed. Please foresee from our horoscopes whether we will be having a second issue or not ? My details : DOB : 16.09.1973, TOB : 06.30 AM, Place : Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Spouse details : DOB : 02.01.1968, TOB : 11.30 AM, Place : Chennai. Pranaams Sarad
  7. Dear Gurujis, Desparately need your suggestion to improve my situation. Getting worse day by day. Pranaams, Sarad.
  8. Dear Gurujis, Kindly analyse my horoscope with regards to my career. I seem to be having career related problems throughout. Though I have done my MBA (Fin) I am presently not doing job in the related field, which is desparately disturbing me a lot without any peace. Please analyse whether my career will have any improvements and job satisfaction is expected or will there be any breaks in my career. Your guidance in this regard shall be highly appreciated. Pranaams, Sarad.
  9. Pranaams, Kindly respond with regards to my career queries. Desparately waiting for your suggestions. Regards, Sarad
  10. Pranaams, I am desparately waiting for some advise on my career. Please highlight whether any changes are expected in my career in the near future or not. This is really affecting and disturbing me mentally. Should I take a career break now or advised to continue the job. Please respond without fail. Regards, Sarad:crying2:
  11. Dear Gurujis, Please respond with regards to my career query. When will I have a good career break. I am desparately waiting as things are not working in my favour. Pranaams Sarad.
  12. Dear Webyogiji, Thank you for your response. Can you please analyse my chart with regards to my career query. Though I have done my MBA (Fin) I am not doing related jobs which is demoralising a lot. When will I get a career break with a good position and salary. Please answer my queries without fail. Pranaams, Sarad.
  13. Namaskarams, I am desparately waiting for a change to come in my life with regards to my career and for second pregnancy. There is no job satisfaction in my present job and no career growth . Despite acquiring high qualification (MBA - Finance), not doing the relevant jobs at present. Please inform when I will have a good career break. Though I have been looking for opportunities, but nothing is coming in my favour. With respect to my second pregnancy, we have been trying to have a second child for almost 8 years now. Though I have taken medical attention and treatment, but we did not succeed. Please inform whether we will be having a second child in our near future without any medical help. Also, look into the possibility of starting a business venture as we both have plans in near future and whether will be succeeding in it or not. Self details : 16-09-1973, Place : Viskhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Time : 06.30 AM Husband : 02-01-1968, Place : Chennai, Tamilnadu, Time : 11.30 AM First child : 02-09-2000. Eagerly awaiting your response. Pranaams, Saru
  14. Dear Gurujis, Please request your opinions. thanks Sarad
  15. Dear Gurujis, I am still awaiting for some more opinions / suggestions / remedies please from our learned members. Thanks Sarad
  16. Dear Gurujis, Can I request some more opinions / suggestions / remedies from our learned Gurujis. Thanks Sarad.
  17. Dear Gurujis, 1. Regarding my MBA, yes as pointed out by you, I have completed late 2003 but I could not see any great career for me. Please suggest whether there will be any improvement in my career or not. 2. I have a good relationship with my father. He shows a great effection towards me. 3. Regarding my psychological behaviour, you are suggesting that I should control my emotions. Please suggest / guide if I am wrong. Yes, definitely I will try my level best to control my emotions. 4. Regarding drastic turn in March 2010, please inform in what aspects this turn is expected, whether professionally in career or in personal life. Going for another child at this juncture, we have been desparately trying and also took medical attention but nothing happened. Now we have stopped medical attention and left to God's grace. Please inform when we will be blessed with another child. Thanks Sarad
  18. Dear Gurujis, Please spare your time in analying my chart please. Waiting for your suggestions desparately. Thanks Sarad
  19. Dear Atulji, I have followed the suggestions given by you and you have pointed out that from mid May onwards it is a favourable period for both career and progeny. First of all, my profession is not in Teaching line. Though I have done my MBA - Finance I am not holding any senior positions and still working in the administrative field. So, I feel the lack of job satisfaction and the urge to move in my career path. Will I have a good career in my future. Please suggest for any improvements. Regarding my progeny prospects, we are blessed with our first child on 20.09.2000 and desparately wanting a second child. Inspite of going for IUI medical treatments, I was not successful in conceiving, means fertilisation does not happen. But as per medical reports, it is considered as unexplained infertility. Please suggest whether we need to continue medication or by God's grace, i will be conceiving. Please check our horoscopes and tell us whether we will be having our second child in the near future without any medical attention. Also, please explain becos of Ketu Pratyantar Dasha, will I have any problems in conceiving / pregnancy. Regards, Sarad.
  20. Thank you webyogiji for your response. May we request for some more responses from our learned Gurujis and also specify the exact trade / field for operating business. Regarding the child prediction, is medical treatment really required as my husband is not favourable for it. Please guide us with your responses. thanks Sarad
  21. Dear Gurujis, We are still waiting for your response. Please kindly help us to know the possibilities. Regards, Sarad
  22. Dear Gurujis, We need your urgent assistance please. thanks Sarad
  23. Dear Gurujis, Your guidance shall be highly appreciated. thanks Sarada
  24. Dear Gurujis, My husband wants to start a business venture on his own since there is no job satisfaction. Please guide us whether he will be in a position to make any such moves and will be successful. If so, please recommend for the trade / field which will be suitable for him and the time when it needs to be started, as he is having some few projects in mind. Also, we have been desparately trying for having a second child for the last 7 years but unable to conceive despite medical treatment. Please highlight from our horoscopes when we will have our second child. Husband details Date of Birth : 02.01.1968 Time : 11.30 AM, Place : Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Self details Date of Birth : 16.09.1973, Time : 06.40 AM, place : Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Regards, Sarad
  25. Dear Gurujis, Please respond to my queries on my career and progeny prospects as it is depressing day by day. Thanks Sarad
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