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Treatment for PCOS in Ayurrveda?

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My wife has PCOS problem. We are with 3 years of marriage life. From last 2 years tried for baby. And treatment on PCOS started a year ago.

Allopathic treatment going on and her reports are as below

Check for thyroids before start treatment T3 – 100, T4 – 6.3 TSH – 7.09

After 6 months test for STSH – 2.60

Same time test for SFSH – 3.88, SLH – 2.51 , S. Prolactin – 7.09

Taken following treatment to overcome this problem

Reduced weight 10 Kg from 70 kg to 60 Kg

Initially take Tab Fol-5 and Tab Meprate,

Then for month Laptos and Forson

After month test for

Serum Prolactin – 9.23 and Serum Progestrerone – 0.96

For last 3 months Bigomet taken once a day.

Untill now taken Siphere 5 times

When start treatment my seminal Fluid Examination also tested

Intial results are PH 8.0, Actively Motile – 50% (range 60 – 70 %), Abnormal Forms – 25 % (upto 20%), Pus Cells – 7 – 8 /hpf, Red Cells – Occasional / hpf , Sperm agglutination – Present (trace) (mixed)

Take tables of Bagshil and Forege ( Ayurvedic treatment) for 2.5 months

After a month again test for seminal Fluid Examination and results are

PH 8.0, Actively Motile – 60% (range 60 – 70 %), Abnormal Forms – 20 % (upto 20%), Pus Cells – 2-3 /hpf, Red Cells – Absent , Sperm agglutination – Absent

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Please see another recent thread I wrote about PCOS and thryoid treatment.

There are about a handful of doctors IN TEH WHOLE WORLD who have a clue about theyroid.



Your thyroid horomes change every 30 minutes...and should not be used to diagnose...you need URINE tests to measure levels in the TISSUES...most doctors have no clue about this..




You can start here.

www.stopthethyroidmadness.com-STUDY THIS CAREFULLY

www.drlowe.com-top thyroid doc in the world..30 years research.


DrLam.com - The Authority on Natural Medicine

Thyroid Disease, Finding & Dealing with Doctors - Articles A DOCTOR HERE WHO KNOWS ABOUT THE THYROID...

http://forums.realthyroidhelp.com/index.php--FORUM..post results and get advice..BRILLIANT


Most do NOT and you cannot rely on them..please seek care from one of these sources.


You must research...do NOT listen to the standard doctors who think they know about it.>>THEY DON'T!!!

Please trust me..get care here...Blessings..It took me a year of major suffering to discover this knowledge...do not pass it up!!!

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