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Jobless nearly for 3 yrs....Plz Help

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Hello Sirs,

I am amruta.

My details-

D.O.B - 22/12/1982

T.O.B - 10.29 AM

PLACE- Wai, Maharashtra


I am jobless for 3 yrs. I did mechanical engg. worked in company for 1 year. then did software course. since then i am jobless.i have been to astrologers. one suggested wearing panna and diamond. other suggested i wear moonga. when i was wearing panna that time after 3 months i left job. when i wear moonga i feel very nervous/ short tempered. i am only wearing diamond now. are these gemstones correct. should i wear yello sapphire for luck.when will i get job? which are my benific and malefic planets? these 10 yrs(study yrs.) have been really worse for me. everything i do i face failure.

also marriage delay is there. one astrologer said i am mangalik so i have problems also shani delaying marriage. What should i do? plz help

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Diamond is good for you.


1.Apply in a chemical industry or in a construction industry.There too they requires mechanical engineered or teaching is best job.

2.Don't waste time in sitting ideal.take help of relative/father and keep photo/(any thing other thing )of your ancestor in your purse.

3.send your resume to no. of good placement company. i know one. you can send your biodata .

4.From 1-7-2009 to 30 8 2009 you will get job

5.observe fast on saturday and recite saturn stota

6.Wear saturn iron ring --middle finger --saturday

7.worship lord shiva and lord ganesh

8 diamond is good for you


if possibe visit shani mandir in your area on saturday


God bless you


Rishi Vatsyayan

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