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Please HELP ME!!! Here is my details...

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Hi Guruji's




i am facing thees problem in my life

i have no job in last six month . i am safariing with jaundices problem in last six months . now i am feel good


I would like to tell you that once I have selected for Dubai in repudiated company the “JACKYS GROUP” but bec. Of some personal. I have lost that golden chance.




Will I Get the Job? may i get chance again go in Dubai ?

or business will suite me ? now a day i am trying to start sadi shop will it suite me?

here is my detail


DOB 04/Aug/1984

Place of birth: kota,rajasthan ,India

Time: 09:50 AM








Please help.

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you are in Shani mahadasa which ends by 2020.

Shani sadesath starts by 10-9-2009 and ends by 27-1-2017.

Lagna and lord of profession Mercury is in 12th with 2nd and 9th lord venus.

Prayers to Sri Lakshmi Narayan and puja to Shani can give relief and improve your present condition.

Don't wear any Gem except pearl.

If these simple remedies are done, you are likely to get the job you are aspiring before 12/2009 and probably with in couple of months.



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