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Taurus Lagna: Should I wear a diamond?

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DOB: 11-Jan-1970

Time: 15:10

Place: Delhi


In my natal chart, Venus is the lagna and 6th house lord, and placed in the 8th house. There is also exchange of houses between Jupiter (8th lord placed in 6th) and Venus (6th lord placed in 8th). In Navamsha, Venus is positioned in the 4th house ruled by Mars and in Dasamsha, Venus is positioned in 1st house ruled by Sun.


I have been advised by few to wear a diamond to strengthen Venus (lagna lord) but I have always been sceptical because though Venus is lagna lord, it is also the lord of 6th house (dushsthana) and placed in 8th house (again dushshana) in the natal chart.


I would like to know from learned advisors in this forum if wearing a diamond will be beneficial for me.





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There is very wrong misconception that 6th house is always evil house. It is directly control by God.


As describe by you, this is called vipreet raj yoga. it is better such person go abroad and stay away for non veg food.

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