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Special combinations for cancer lagna

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Following are the Special combinations for cancer lagna which can give raja yoga/dhana yoga for a cancer ascendant.


  • If Jupiter is in 1st and moon is in 9th house with out any malefic associations and dusthana lords(6th , 8th and 12th) association or aspect then the native will be very fortunate and have all the comforts and will earn upto the extreme. He will live like Kubera with all the comforts in his life.
  • If Saturn is in 5th, Jupiter is in 9th and Moon is in 1st, then the native will get a lot of money in Lotteries unexpectedly. Here all these planets should be strong in navamsa also.
  • if Saturn and mercury are in 3rd house, Sun is in 2nd and Venus is in 1st house then it will form a good dhana yoga provided Jupiter is strongly placed or in 1st or 5th or 9th in the chart.
  • Exchange between Sun (2nd) and Jupiter (9th) is very good dhana yoga.
  • Exchange between Sun (2nd) and Venus (11th) is also very good dhana yoga.
  • If Mercury is in 1st and Jupiter in 9th being in Vargottama position in 9th the person will become extremely rich provided moon occupies 11th house in strength.
  • Full moon is in 4th house and Venus is in 1st house and Jupiter is in 10th constitutes a good raja yoga and dhana yoga.
  • If all the upachaya houses (3, 6, 10, 11) are occupied by malefic planets, Jupiter in 1st house, Sun in 10th house, Venus in 9th will make the native a king. He will enjoy all the comforts in life.
  • If Sun, Venus, Jupiter, moon and Mars (All 5 planets together) are in any of the houses 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th and if any 2 planets are in vargottama position, then the native will possess wealth throughout his entire life. This is very powerful yoga for Cancer ascedants.
  • Vargottama Moon (Full moon) in ascendant, Jupiter in 11th house and Venus in 9th will make the native extremely rich.



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Dear Srinivas ji,


Here are some information in regards to cancer Lagna.. i think this might be helpful.


Karka Lagna - Cancer Ascendant


First House

Sun. Changeable temper, respected and tall in stature. Complexion will be sanguine bright with reddish tinge on the face. Comforts from conveyance. Many friends. Disputes with father. Gain from trade and business. Diseases of belly and eyes. Money comes readily.

Moon. Beautiful, long life, gain from mother, respected and wealthy, gain from land and property. Intelligent and clever. Fond of scents etc. Bestows power, victory over enemies. Long fortunate life. Honour through merits and hardwork.

Mars. Reddish in complexion, Changeable career. Fond of music and dance. Strained relations with wife. Many friends and children. No permanent residence. Troubles in 50th year, Many Love affairs.

Mercury. Short life, waste of ancestral property, liar, cheat and sexy. Residence outside place of dwelling. Fond of opposite sex, disputes with relation and friends. Fear from enemies and friends. Will earn by own hard efforts. Secret sorrows, danger of punishment, journeys and removals.

Jupiter. Wealthy and learned, skilled in many arts, a comfortable and happy life. Blessed with palatial property and houses. Long life. Friends of high ups. A man of high rank and authority. Will lead a kingly life. In the start and end builder of charitable institutions. Long journeys, learning, wisdom, fortunate with strangers and foreigners, voyages and in laws.

Venus. Happy and comfortable life. Wealthy, conveyance, property and gain from relations and real friends. Respected, fond of dress, diet and opposite sex. Two marriages. Helpful to others and victory over enemies. Fond of garden and planting trees. Fortunate actions, successful hopes, gain from ancestral property or business of land and property.

Saturn. Saturn here is in enemy’s camp of Moon and will make the native tall, of wheatish complexion, coupled with blackish tinge, Non religious, licentious, adulterous, pleasure seeking, plumpy, can be subjected to syphlis and veneral diseases. Limited comforts and average intelligence. Less comforts from mother, average financial position and destroyer of parent’s property. Victory over enemies, Public enemies, love of women and gain through them.

Rahu or Ketu. Diseased, ugly face and of low type profession. Troublesome and fretful life. If it is being aspected by benefic planets then one will be respected, famous and wealthy.


Second House

Sun. Wealthy, respected and famous, Owner of land and property. As Sun is in own house, authority, respect and regards from Government of the day. A good orator and impressive. Strong willed. In middle life maximum honour, wealth, comforts and happiness. Well respected and famous. Troubles in eyes. Money through hard work and industry.

Moon. Poor, loss in family, waste of time and money in litigations. Fond of travelling in jungles and mountains. Diseases of eyes, belly and throat. Benefit through industrious activity.

Mars. Loss of property in early life. A strong Willed man. Will earn wealth by hard labour but will be wasted. Right eye will be affected at anytime in life. Gain through children and investments, industry, trade, profession and Government.

Mercury. Intelligent, learned and respected. Command over many languages and true to his words. Average wealth. In old age will get wealth and ancestral property. Average life. Will remain under debt. Bronchitis disease is indicated in the family. Gain through educational affairs, short journeys writings and music, secrecy, occult and large animals.

Jupiter. Gain of ancestral property but loss there of and will be under debt. Many enemies. Danger from opponents and friends. Troubles in life and a desperate man, Gain through foreign merchants, science, publication, travel and inventions. Loss through sickness and servants.

Venus. Gain of ancestral property, sweet temper and kind. A man of authority, wealthy and famous from early life. More women in the family. Gain through dealing with land, property and estate, many friends or legislative interests.

Saturn. Poor and under debt, early life full of struggles in litigations and domestic disputes, eye trouble, financial difficulties upto middle age and loss of money. Gain through deceased and realisation of debts.

Rahu or Ketu. Gain of money from unauthorised sources and manners. Many enemies. There will be bad smell from mouth and body. Arrest and troubles in youth and disfavour of Government officers. Danger to respect. Many difficulties, troubles and turmoils in life.


Third House

Sun. Sun in Virgo sign of Cancer ascendant makes a person tall and slander, but very well proportionate body, good complexion, dark hair and cheerful. Fond of recreations. Danger from disease of bronchitis or T.B., loss and difficulties due to brothers.

Moon. Shortage of brothers, comforts for a short period, worries from enemies, in last part of life one will become happy, wealthy and lead a comfortable life.

Mars. Shortage of brothers. Brother will be patient in young age. More daughters. Troubles and turmoils in youth and old age. A troubled and sorrowful life.

Mercury. Learned, intelligent and wealthy. Comforts from brothers and sisters. Medium length of life. Troubles and difficulties in early age. In middle life, he will have wealth, comforts, respect and authority. Journey to foreign lands.

Jupiter. Many brothers. Fond of music and dance. Scholar of occult sciences. Grief due to failure and losses of brother, in youth.

Venus. Gain of wealth through sisters. Will waste his money on other women. In youth, one will be blessed with respect and rank but they will be temporary. Escape from danger and troubles many a times. He will face difficulties for a short of life.

Saturn. Devoid of parental property, the only brother, wife will be ugly and immoral, last phase of life will be full of worries and financial stringency. Early death of parents. Less comforts from children. Marriage with kin or neighbour.

Rahu or Ketu. Devoid of brother or sister. Low paid profession. Journeys in life. Change of religion. Danger to respect. Troubles in old age.


Fourth House

Sun. Sun in debilitated sign will cause loss to family and property. Down fall in environments. Loss of parents in early age. Litigations, troubles and turmoils in old age. May be a cause of downfall of family. Gain through parents, land or mines and through household goods.

Moon. Average property, a small house and land for carrying on. Skilled in arts. Dangerous from maternal relations. Gain through land, mines, inherited property. Success late in life, occult investigations.

Mars. Brave and talkative. Submissive, no comforts from house, conveyance of land etc. Knowledge of many languages. Loss to parents through the native. Not happy in early age. Comforts in old age. Troubled home or domestic affairs and through servants. Gain and honour through parents, land and property.

Mercury. Ambitious, traveller, journey to foreign land, a good mathematician, less comforts and gain from brothers. Disrespected and unhappy. Loss of property through business, trade and journeys. Gain through writings.

Jupiter. Loss of property, under debt through enemies. No permanent profession. Friends will be insincere and disrespected in the family. Sickness of father, trouble in family and servants.

Venus. Comforts from conveyance, ancestral property, wealthy, respected and comforts from parents. Command over official language. Early life portion of life will be like a king. Old age will be a little discomfortable. Gain in property and through father. Loss through storms and floods. Fortunate in property.

Saturn. Saturn is exalted in this house and aspects 7th, 10th and Lagna houses, and will confer a good lucky children, who will be a source of comforts from brothers and sisters. Unsuccessful in many efforts and will depend upon others. Endowed with conveyance and property. Early death of mother, changeable occupations and wife will not be much beautiful. Property by marriage, chaste wife and happy domestic life.

Rahu or Ketu. Troubles in young age, may be cause of downfall of maternal relations. Fall from conveyance. Loss of wealth. Loss of limb due to fall. Devoid from the comforts of houses and land. Dangerous for father.


Fifth House

Sun. A kingly life, wealthy, prosperous man of authority. More progney. Due to extravagance some financial difficulties in middle age. Part of life will be troublesome. Children will be lucky. Comforts in old age due to children. Gain by speculation, investments, pleasure and entertainment.

Moon. Gain from children, not so intelligent, immoral deeds. Children will be lucky for a short period. Diseased mother.

Mars. Much progney, love for children, comforts from land but this period will be short. Early life will be age. Much pleasure, love affairs. Gain through speculations or investment.

Mercury. Changeable profession, no gain from education, worried and poor man. No gain from children. Medium length of life. The life will be full of worries and unlucky native. Secret sorrows and difficulty through love, speculation and children of games. Travel to pleasure resorts.

Jupiter. Learned, wealthy and respected and religious Cautious for respect. Much progney. Kingly status in life. Intelligent, clever and a high ranking native. Sickly children, illness due to over indulgence in pleasure or sport. Pleasure through journeys.

Venus. Will face ups and downs in life. Big family but not comforts from them. No ancestral property. Loss or children, wealth through pleasurable pursuits, gain through children, friends and father.

Saturn. Ugly and licentious wife, troubles through children, possibility of two marriages, discomforts from relations. He will be full of worries. Wealthy, children from second wife will be lucky and no parental property. Loss by speculation. Danger through excessive pleasure.

Rahu of Ketu. Life will be worried and full of turmoils. The native will be grieved and without comforts. Two marriages. In latter part to life, children from second wife are indicated.


Sixth House

Sun. Quarrelsome, rash temperament and litigation minded. Loss of wealth. Under debt, troubles and turmoils. Will bring disrespect to father. Of strong will power. Loss and troubles through enemies. Gain through inferiors.

Moon. Short life, bronchitis, disputes and arguments with enemies. Troubles in life. Gain through food, clothing and employees.

Mars. A daring, troubles in middle life, loss of land and ancestral property. Money through speculation. A famous, brave and good military officer. Loss and disputes with Govt.; and officers. There will be numerous troubles and difficulties in life. Sickness of children. Gain through service.

Mercury. Skilled in many arts but no gain from that. Diseased and inactive. Journeys in foreign lands. Enmity with people. Unhappy and loss through enemies. Troubles through employees. Sickness or injury through journey.

Jupiter. Jupiter is no doubt is his own house but it will not confer good results being in a dushthansa house. So the person will be disrespected although he may be a religious and kind hearted man. Many enemies, will lead an average life, troubles and worries in middle age. Shortage of wealth and under debt. Friends and relations will act as enemies. Worried on account of debt. If well aspected reverse are the results.

Venus. Loss of wealth in pleasurable pursuits. Loss of rank and service, No comforts from conveyance, adulterous, litigation and troubles. Death of wife. Life Full of worries and troubles. Faithful servants, interest in social welfare. May built own house.

Saturn. A good position for Saturn. It will confer on the native fame, respect and wealth. Famous, intelligent and victory over enemies. Well versed in many engineering branches particularly or Mechanical and Agriculture Successful in solving the difficult most problems. Rheumatic pain in legs and neck. Happy last life, long, well versed and famous mechanical engineer. Sickly wife, marriage below social status. Dangerous sickness, loss of money through those in whose keeping it may be.

Rahu or Ketu. A good and capable scientist. Skilled in many arts. He can also be a good surgeon. Many journeys. Victory over enemies, will face litigations and disputes in middle of life and will be disrespected by the people. An afflicted health. Under debt.





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Seventh House

Sun. Intelligent, a good mathematician, gain through women. Not so sexy, Downfall and troubles from rulers. Disrespected. In last part of life may be under worries and disputes with the Govt. Gain by marriage, contracts and from women.

Moon. Respected and famous. Gain from business, gain of enormous money through some contract in middle age. Happy married life. Blessed with property. Fond of opposite sex.

Mars. Wealthy, famous respected and brave. Courageous and land owner. Victory in disputes and arguments. A good orator. Two marriages. No comforts from first wife. Discord with children. Loss by theft. Gain through law suits and good marriage.

Mercury. Many enemies, loss and disputes in middle age. Two marriages. No happiness even from second wife. Loss of wealth through law suits. A troubled and worried life generally through women.

Jupiter. Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn sign and will not be beneficial. Learned but no gain from that. Under debt, clever and indwelling, worried, loss of wealth through quarrels and law suits, changeable profession, a troubled life. Disease of hearts, disrespected. Loss through business. No comforts from wife and will be very popular with the people. Public enemies, marriage with a stranger whose relations will oppose.

Venus. No happiness and success in early life. Clever and intelligent. Relations with opposite sex. Loss in business, a quarrelsome and wicked wife, a troubled life, rheumatic pain. Comforts and relief after milldle age. Success in law suits. Property by marriage, land and women.

Saturn. Two marriages, unhappy children, Disturbed married life, wife will be of harsh temperament, quarrelsome, reverses in business and service, litigations and debts. Life will be full of difficulties and miseries. If well aspected gain, through law suits and profit and comforts in life.

Rahu or Ketu. Many relations with women and loss through them. Loss in life by having confidence in people. Rash temperament and worried. Loss of property. Danger to respect and ill fame. Disputes and litigations in life.


Eighth House

Sun. Sun in Aquarius in 8th house is not auspicious. Short life, rheumatic pain, under debt, quarrelsome and poor. Will face financial difficulties and may become bankrupt. Danger to respect. Man enemies, loss of ancestral property. Troubles and worries through Govt. If well aspected then gain by legacy, goods of dead and money of partner.

Moon. Danger from enemies and thieves, short life, may be a patient of T.B. or bronchitis. Troubles from wife. Lean body. Lazy and spendthrift. Will cause loss and dispute to maternal relations, occult experience. Mediumistic.

Mars. Adulterous and licentious. Troubles and worries after middle age. Indigestion and weak stomach. Disputes with people. Rheumatic pains and may die on this account. Loss or injury to nay part of body due to fall from high place or conveyance. Relations with other women. Two marriages and loss of wealth. Loss through speculations and children. Gain through estate, law suits, legacies, inheritance, insurance etc. of deceased persons.

Mercury. Long life, poor and wicked friends, Subordinate to others. No happiness inspite of the fact that one is well skilled but no gain from such skill. May be afflicted to cough, flu and asthma. False accusation. Unsatisfactory end and troubles over inheritance.

Jupiter. Short life, early life will be comfortable. Success and wealth in middle life. Relation with other women. Wealthy, blessed with property. Less comforts from parents. Downfall for a short period and may become ill famed. Worried and in trouble due to some secret disease. Under debt. Disfavour and worries from officers and Govt; Financial reward for faithful service. Gain by long journeys and psychic.

Venus. Will enjoy a fairly long life. Good tempered and habits. Worries from wife, fond of travelling, death at some religious place. Loss of a limb due to fall or accident from conveyance. Repayment of elder’s debt. Gifts or legacies from friends. Gain through legacies or estate.

Saturn. Long life, licentious, adulterous, respected, many enemies, loss of health and wealth. May become victum of syphlis, bile and venereal diseases. Money by marriage, death of partner.

Rahu or Ketu. Undesireable company, will talk ill about his elders. Spendthrift and licentious. Earning of wealth due to hard labour. Many enemies. Loss of wealth and will become bankrupt. Disputes and litigations in life.


Ninth House

Sun. Sun in Pisces indicates loss of ancestral property. Gain of wealth since 2nd lord is in trikona house. The native will be the cause of loss for maternal relations. Worried, and diseased father, disfavour from Govt. and officer. Disturbed and worried old age.

Moon. Wealthy, happy, famous and blessed with property. Unhappy brothers. Cautious for his respect. A lucky native. Well respected and owner of other’s property by fair or unfair means. Very lucky and wealthy. Will enjoy full comforts of life. In old age he will be more respected and wealthy. Long journeys, religious or phychic, liking for science, inventions and law, prophetic dreams. Gain through in-laws and through foreigners in foreign land.

Mars. Less comforts from brothers, not religious, worries and unsuccessful in hopes. A troubled and worried life. Dutiful children and gain through them. Pleasure and gain in foreign land. Travelling for education. Prophetic dreams.

Mercury. Skilled and learned. Not much gain from ancestral property. Command over many arts and languages. Foreign travel, devoid from comforts of parents and elders in youth. If afflicted shipwreck. Gain through science and publications.

Jupiter. Jupiter in own and trine house. Lucky, wealthy, learned, famous and respected. A man of authority, power and command. In youth he will become an administrator and will lead life like a prince. Religious, founder of charitable and religious institutions. Last part of life will be troublesome for education, scientific or religious pursuits. Prophetic dreams.

Venus. Wealthy, famous, respected and man of powers. Favour and gain from Govt. officers and brothers. Happy brothers. Disputes and worries due to in-laws or maternal relations. Fond of travelling. Respect, authority and wealth will be gained through a court of law. More daughters. Gain through science, religion, long journeys and in-laws. Friendships with high ups.

Saturn. Diseased, no parental property and loss from enemies. Marriage to a stranger and gain from them. Death in a distant land by drowning or while on voyage.

Rahu or Ketu. Disputes with brothers, no permanent property. Loss of service or profession during youth. Less gain from ancestral property. Non religious, mean and vice actions. A wicked life. The native will not stick to his promises.


Tenth House

Sun. Sun in Aries in tenth house is exalted. It bestows respect, wealth, authority and favour from Govt.; and officers. Gain and comforts from parents. Will lead a life of authority and respect. Comforts from property and conveyance.

Moon. He will be a king or ruler or will have an equivalent authority. Blessed with land and authority and will rule different parts of the country. He will have many vice habits. Last part of life will be troublesome and may be deprived of the property in any way. If weak and afflicted, reverse results.

Mars. Early life will be comfortable. Respected, favour, and gain from Govt. but in middle age, one will face difficulties, changeable profession, brothers will be average in finances, the native will support them also.

Mercury. Intelligent, respected and wealthy. Cautions for his respect. He may have too many jobs at a time. In old age may not become defamed. Honourable children, renown in speculations, gain through wife’s father or his own mother.

Jupiter. Famous and very lucky, a man of authority and powers. A very lucky guy. In middle of age may be transferred to some foreign country in an administrative capacity. May teach others. In old age may not face loss of wealth etc. Honour through literature of travel. Success in foreign affairs.

Venus. Comforts from conveyance, intelligent, active and of sweet speech. Trade in Gems and jewels. Worried due to his wife and enemies. In old age may face some troubles. Gain through high ups, trade, profession, public or Govt.; work.

Saturn. Success in hopes, good position in life, bad company. Early part of the life will be in difficulties, quarrelsome, shameless, liar, pleasure seeking, disrespected, well versed in arts or amusement affairs. Honourable partner. Danger of violent death. Gain through matters of the dead persons.

Rahu or Ketu. Cruel and of rash temperament, victory over enemies in disputes. Disrespected and ill famed. In middle of age, one will face difficulties and also short of finances.


Eleventh House

Sun. A permanent profession but average income in life. Adulterous, gain from brothers and friends. He may take place of his brother and accrues gains. Confident, proud and bold, Victorious over enemies. Accidental fortune.

Moon. Wealthy, owner of land and property. Gain from business. Many sisters. Respect and rank. Coward, Comforts from conveyance, large circle of gainful friends.

Mars. Unhappy, loss of parental property in early age. A few brothers. A troubled life. Happy and comfortable life in old age

but through influential and persons in authority. Great attachment between the native and his children. Successful hopes and

gain through legislatures, ambassadors and sportsmen.

Mercury. Generous, kind hearted and God fearing. No ancestral property. Gain of money through journeys. Gain from brothers. Successful hopes through progressive studies.

Jupiter. Cautious about respect. Two marriages, not much respected. Loss through brothers. May become bankrupt in life. May deny the repayment of debt as if has not taken. The wife will be fruitful. Success will come after the birth or a child. Interested in politics and gain. Voyages and gain in foreign land.

Venus. Gain and happiness through friends, fond of society, favour from females and happy associations. Well respected and comforts from conveyance. Two marriages subjects to other checks. Lucky sisters. Gain from business and trade. Many hopes and wishes attained in old age, and gain from friends.

Saturn. Wealthy and prosperous, early part of life average, lucky, owner of property, well respected and gain from conveyance. False and deceitful friends and loss through them. Danger of losing the children.

Rahu or Ketu. No permanent profession and source of income. Disputes and litigations with brothers, loss of ancestral property. Wife will be of questionable character. Old age will be troubled.


Twelfth House

Sun. No ancestral property, Loss of wealth in early age. Ill famed. Gain through secret nature. Under debt. Life in far off lands, danger of exile or life apart from kindred. Worries from enemies. Will again after middle of life. Gain through hospitals etc.

Moon. A native of weak constitution, mind is self absorbed. Love of mystery fanciful fears, success in isolated positions and remote corners and voyages. Will be helpful to others. Fear of imprisonment, secret unhappiness and enmities.

Mars. Cruel, licentious, disrespected, enmity with other people. Children causes secret sorrows. Sickness of an inflammatory nature occurs to the partner. Ruin through speculation Escape from bondage. Loss of dignity and honour, difficulty in employment.

Mercury. Kind hearted, well wisher of all. Taste for occult sciences and secret schemes and plots. Gain from business. Changeable professions. Self absorbed mind and happy. Occult power, powerless enemies, secret investigations and limitations.

Jupiter. Learned, wealthy, kind hearted and generous.

God fearing. May seek seclusion in latter part of life. Helpful to mothers. If well aspected then success with large animals and in remote places. Private enemies through servants, work of secret nature.

Venus. Intelligent, happy and wealthy. Comforts from conveyance. Deceitful friends. A good argumentative and orator, secret love affairs, leading to enmity of women. Jealousy, peaceful seclusion to one’s own taste. Voyage, Occult friends. Gain and respect through wife. Afflicted health, end of life in seclusion or study of occult science.

Saturn. No permanent profession, bad repaymaster, journeys, unhappy marriage. No gain from business, journey to foreign lands, quarrelsome and secretive. Difficulty over inheritance.

Rahu of Ketu. Changeable professions, litigations and troubles in early life. Happiness in last part of life. Journey to foreign lands. A long outstanding litigation will end in your favour, of independent views and obstinate.




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