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No progeny

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It would be of great help if anybody could go through my horoscope,

give predictions if i will have any progeny ?


I 'm in great distress.


Here are my details


DOB :27-02-1975

Time: 1.30 am

place : bangalore






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In your chart, 5th lord is in 5th house itself, which means putrakaro bhavonnashah. Hence the delay. It is better to see your husband's chart also to analyse it. How long you two have been married?

with regards

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Dear Indu,


5th house of Pisces, lord and Karaka for progeny Jupiter is highly afflicted by aspect of Rahu and Saturn.

Jupiter is also associated with an exalted Venus - Jupiter's bitter enemy and in this chart lords 7 and 12 a marakasthana and also a dusthana.

Exaltation of a dusthana lord in a trine is probably the biggest cause of this issue here.


Jupiter is also the lord of A5 (Arudhapada of the 5h) placed in Sagittarius.


Presence of 3 malefics in quadrants to the lagna indicate a Sarpa yoga - coiled by a vicious snake, but this can be broken by the strong full Moon placed in the 10th house.


You are currently running Rahu dasa/Merc antardasa until Oct 2010.


The remedy for progeny is sincere prayers to Durga Devi to reduce the malefic aspects of Saturn and Rahu together. Prayers and worship to strengthen Jupiter by worship of Dattatreya, Dakshinamurthy or any other form of spiritual guru can also improve the chances.


Rahu/Ketu period beginning in 2010 Oct and Rahu/Venus period beginning Nov 2011 has good chances of giving progeny.


With Best Wishes


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