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Need help interpreting: rahu and afflictions

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Hi everyone,

I am learning astrology by myself and need to understand the afflictions induced by rahu. Given that rahu is friendly towards mercury, venus, saturn; is it safe to conclude that generally, rahu has a malefic effect(if placed neutrally or strongly) for all lagnas whose sign is ruled by jupiter, mars, moon or sun? I would want to know what is rahu's best house(own house or house exaltation). If malefic planets are located in rahu's own house, will it result in afflictions regarding the malefic planets that are located in rahu's own house?


I am trying to interpret my own natal chart and having too many immunity related health problems since a long time. Basically rahu and jupiter are in the 1st house(pisces) and mercury and sun in the 12th house. Saturn in 9th house is aspecting first house (and hence both rahu and jupiter, trine aspect). Is it correct to conclude that mercury and sun are afflicted by rahu(assuming rahu's own house is 12th house). I have read on some website that rahu's affliction of mercury causes paralysis, insomnia, and constipation. I have constipation and insomnia since the last 8 years. Is it because of this affliction?


I am also confused if rahu's affliction of moon brings problems similar to its affliction of mercury? i want to narrate my experience here. I have been advised to wear pearl and yellow sapphire but there were too many problems like mind fogginess, confusion, insomnia, debility and constipation all increased by atleast 5 times because of pearl and yellow sapphire!! I concluded that if benefic planets are afflicted, then they actually become malefic. I have actually read this same thing on many websites. Benefic and/or own planets(of moon sign and ascendant) become malefic if afflicted by generally malefic planets.


In such cases what remedies should one do. If own planets are themselves afflicted, is it ok to do the remedies of the generally malefic planet that is actually afflicting the benefic planet? Can someone please tell me all the remedies for rahu in that case? Is is advisable to wear gomedh in such cases? Or is it better to do general remedies like donating black gram, etc etc.



I think jupiter, mercury, sun, moon and mars are all afflicted by rahu in my natal chart:

-> Jupiter conjunct rahu

-> mercury and sun in 12th house and rahu in 1st house

-> mars and moon in 2nd house(aries) and rahu in 1st house(what kind of affliction is this? I believe its an affliction because both pearl and red coral also proved troublesome to me). Actually saturn in 9th house is aspecting 2nd house(9th house - scorpio, 2nd house- aries). I think this is actually causing all afflictions(saturn in 9th house). Currently my Mars/Rahu dasha is going on.

-> venus is in 11th house(capricorn) aspecting 9th house(Saturn) and 1st house(jupiter and rahu). I think this is the most malefic planet but, i think( i may be wrong) it is also the least afflicted planet. Imagine this: the most malefic planet is the least afflicted. Maybe even venus is afflicting mars and moon( venus in capricorn, 11th is square both moon and mars in 2nd house, aries)


If it helps analyse afflictions of rahu and saturn better, you can use my information: dob: 5th march, 1987. time: 7.41 am.place: hyderabad, india


I also want to know how saturn and rahu work together to cause afflictions..According to lal kitab (i think), it says that if rahu is placed in earlier houses than saturn, then saturn becomes rahu's agent for affliction and vice versa. I have also heard that rahu causes afflictions only if mercury, moon and/or mars are afflicted either directly by rahu or by rahu's friends: saturn, venus or ketu. Is this correct?


I am processing too much information and am left utterly confused.


Thank you.

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Remedies for learning astrology


1. don't try to learn astrology quickly as it require lot of memorization .


2.be relax and cool.


3.do not try to cheat anybody.


4. Read about ethics of an astrology for BPHS and other jyotish classic----Must and requirement to become a good astrologer.


5.Also follow the ethics of a native(jataka)---Must


6.Various classics have conflicting view about Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu. You have to use your divine knowledge which would come to your automatically if you follow the ethics of an Astrologer seriously


God bless you

Pt. Rishi Vatsyayan

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