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DKS takes potshots at ISKCON Bangalore

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Problem seems that feeding the poor causes some people getting envious?


DKS takes potshots at ISKCON

He questioned the validity of the grants given by both the governments to ISKCON



Bangalore Mirror Bureau Posted On Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 10:01:43 AM

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Bangalore came under a new attack on Tuesday. This time, state Congress working president D K Shivakumar has alleged that the Society is misusing government programmes to mobilise funds for its activities from the international scene.


Speaking to media persons, Shivakumar said, “The ISKCON, on the pretext of feeding poor children across India, is collecting several crores of rupees from abroad. It has amassed huge wealth through generous contributions by foreigners. But in reality, both the state and the central government have been funding the programmes. Also, it is unconstitutional to raise money abroad by citing the government’s programmes.”


Questioning the validity of the grants given by both the governments to ISKCON, Shivakumar said, “If they are raising money outside India to run the government’s programmes, why should the governments grant any money? They should immediately stop granting funds to the Akshaya Patra programme. If ISKCON is facing a monetary crunch, it should adopt constitutional measures; otherwise, it should withdraw itself from the programme.”


Reacting to the allegations, Chanchalapati Das, Vice Chairman of ISKCON’s Akshay Patra Foundation, clarified that there had been no violations in running the programme. “We incur a cost of around Rs 5 for a meal per child. However, the support we get from the government is about Rs 2.84 per meal, by means of subsidy over rice and other forms. Further, it is the responsibility of the ISKCON to raise the required additional sum of Rs 1.46 per child. As we are feeding around 10 lakh children across the country, the amount comes close to Rs 15 lakh and this we raise through donations from individuals and corporate donors.”


He added, “To ensure transparency and accountability in the whole process, the records of the foundation are done by a renowned audit company. Further, the three-member committee appointed by the Education Department to look into the controversy has scrutinised all the records and the procedures of operation and given a clean-chit to Akshay Patra.”

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