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Karta Bhajas - modern influences

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The kartabhajas worship no deity other than the karta (guru). Whatever words he speaks are themselves sastra and should be blindly obeyed. His activities are always divine. Such divine activites were revealed by Aul Chand, the founder-avatar. In Bangladesh, a new version of the kartabhaja sect was founded some years back by one bogus "God". He is now dead, but latter-day devotees can be directly initiated by him through preachers known as ritviks. New initiates must agree to follow the principles -- be vegetarian once a week and worship no deity other than his picture.




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The Apasampradaya piece of writing is such a mess. You are so educated and broad-minded, why quote from that?


I posted it for a historical context alone. Iskcon ritviks want to use the same tools Kartabhajas used and still use, and not just the ritvik initiations part... I would say that post-Prabhupada Iskcon is in quite a few ways similar to the kartabhaja movement of old - same emphasis on guru only (at the expense of shastra and sadhu), same emphasis on building a huge social and preaching empire, same idea of 'end justifies the means', same abuses of power, same ways of controlling the members and squashing out dissent.


History likes to repeat itself.

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