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will i be able to save my house

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I am in a financial distress and my owned house is at stake. Will i be somehow able to save my house and get out of this distress soon. I am very anxious as to how and when I will come out of my financial problems.

These problems happened with my export business in which i was working with my father and we lost a lot of money due to bad decisions.


This is affecting my family life and my new career.


Will my new career be successful. i am in the business of water related project works now.


please help by guiding me.


My details


Date of birth - 2nd april 1970

place - calcutta -

time of birth - 4.37 am

current residence - gurgaon


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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




dear sowmmaya2,


jupiter dasa is on. Jupiter is afflicted by mars, saturn and rahu. Severe

curse is coming from jupiter. This jupiter also happens to be the paapa

purusha in your trimsamsa chart. Application of intelligence is under stress,

which has clearly shown its effects during its period.


This april onwards mars antar is on in jupiter dasa. Mars is placed in

seventh house in dasamsa, a chart to be seen for professions. It is bad.

also it is placed 12th the dasa lord jupiter.


For removal of curse from jupiter, pray lord shiva regularly. Attend

pradosha worship during the thithi of trayodasi.


Also for ten consecutive mondays during morning 730 hrs to 0900 hrs, do

abisheka to lord shiva. Use bilva leaves, sacred ashes without fail. Use

milk , honey and curd also for abisheka.


The time is not really good till aug 2012. But who knows ? parihara can

get you out of the woods.


Chant ( do japa ) " om namashivaaya " one lakh times within forty days.


did you start the water project somewhere in dec 2007 ?


may mother bless all



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i know and feel it that will not have good times till next 3 years by which time my problems from last 2 years will not leave me.


i started the new work in water project in July 2008.


will i be able to save my dignity during the difficult times ahead


and will i be able to save my house from being sold to cover my loans

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Aum Gurubhyo Namah




dear sowmmaya2,


it appears to be a herculean task. strong will and balanced decisions

alone can win the battle. keep the mind calm as far as possible.

i do understand advising some one is easy.


what about the recommended prayers ?


may mother bless all



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