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Sun,Saturn,Mercury,jupiter,Venus in libra 10th house Dilemma

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I am the Unlucky/lucky one :( who is having five planets in 10th house


Sun ,Saturn,Venus,Mercury,Jupter all in 10th house in Libra for Capricorn ascendent. with mars and ketu in 12th house. these energies are driving me crazy they never let me rest.


(my details if any one willing to know)

12:30 31-10-1982 Gorakhpur, UP



I am emerging very strong in my career, But May be there is downfall waiting for me


Last year I left my good going job and was jobless for 7 months in between I learned spirituality ,astrology(very basic), religion and kaam .It was indeed a Learning period.


besides from this I have not seen any setbacks in my career.


But I am not happy with my current situation , I think different energies of 5 planets in my tenth house is reason of my thoughts that is giving me dissatisfaction from my current job, I can not for organization or people who are doing good/bad things only for money. and I have VERY STRONG desire to work for other people problems, fight for justice. I am not marrying since I want to do something useful in life , earning for self and family and have children is not the way that I want my life should spend .


I dont have much will to enjoy life and spend it smoothly I can not enjoy while many people are suffering from many things. I have urge to help them.


I am planning to kill my current career path (well paying IT job for 4 years) and start preparing for civil services and LLB so that I fight for injustice out there in society and help other people who need help.



I am not sure where will I be next years and how my destiny unfold itself.

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Dear Srinivas,


As the discussion of multiple planets in a single house goes on, I would like to point out this chart. The prominent question arising is what should be the most suitable profession for the native.


I would also like to request Sandhu Ji to post some information about analyzing charts like this.




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i have sun,mercury,jupiter,venus and saturn in Libra my Asendant is cancer (Kataka ). kuja ketu in Sagitarius, moon is in taurus and rahu in gemini

im facing problem im married life, we couples quarrel for small things and dont speak with each other for a week very often due to raising quarrels

can somebody suugest what pooja i should do to find peace in married life.

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i have been wandering from last 2 weeks , Can anybody let me know what is the problem in my horoscope.


1) i have Acsendant in cancer.

2) sun,mercury,venus,jupiter,saturn in Libra.

3) Kuja and ketu in sagitarius,

4) Moon in Taurus

5) Rahu in Gemini


currently i am facing problems in married life we couples are quarelling very often due to which my mental piece is disturbed. please suggest a solution for the same My mail id is sureshspeaks@gmail.com below is my birth details.


DOB: 03/11/1982, Time: 00:15 Am, Place: Bangalore

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