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shani in labha sthan (11th house)

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following are my details:


DOB: 3rd october 1983

POB: Mangalore,Karnataka, India

Time: 12:53PM


Kundali details:


Dhanu lagna, Magha nakshatra, simha rashi


6th house: Rahu

9th house: Kuja, Budha, Shukra and moon

10th house: Ravi(Sun)

11th house: Shani

12th house: Guru and Ketu.


what are the benefits of shani being in 11th house?

i am intrigued by this positioning as i have heard that its quite rare. can you please elaborate (good and bad effects) this postioning?

Also what kind of success is earned by a person with this kind of positioning?

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hi g.prasad,



sani is exalted in ur chart its good for its placement aspecting 8th house.

jupiter also aspecting your 8th house so its good for longevity and health.

8th house says about hidden things also.Do u like to earn by background works or via working?

Please reply for the following

Are you staying in ur own land or foreign?

how is ur financial status is it rich and affluent or low from childhood and now?

are u employed in any govt job or running your fathers business?

how is the period of last 5 years(In terms of health!) general view of is it good or bad.

any incident or changed u faced in after oct 2008

you like to spend but is it time making you to save more?

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Hi Raj


I am curently doing by bachellors in IT in New zealand and working parttime at the same time.

Health wise i have no issues whatsoever (thank god) but I have been having ups and downs for the last 8 years. I am an extremely ambitious person and success means everything to me...


Anyways i need some guidance about my professional life and work.

I shall be completing my course same time next year and would start work. In the long term I will be venturing into business and starting my own venture.

I want to know when will this come about and how will shani being in labha sthan and being exhalted in Tula rashi help?

Also what kind of business should i venture into?

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Dear gn.prasad,


All planet in the 11th house functions quite well irrespective of whether malefic or benefic. 11th house is a upachaya - house of growth and accumulation, house of fructification of desires, gains from an endeavor.


Also Saturn in the 11th is probably the best place for Saturn to reside;

Saturn brings the element of sorrow, sadness to the house he occupies.


In my observation Saturn in the 11th house (of elder siblings) brings sorrow,sadness in that house - Good chance you may be eldest in the family; Sorrow about not having an elder sibling


With best wishes.


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