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Urgent advice needed on Blue Saphire

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Respect Guru Ji,

I need urgent advice on Blue saphire (Neelam). My Date of Birth is 17-11-1973, Place - Moradabad (U.P.) Time - 05:50 PM

I have been told to wear it. I am t a very crucial stage in life, where I absolutely need the additional support of Gemstones, at the same time i just can not make a mistake in wearing a wrong one. Particularly since it is Blue Saphire. A RESPONSE WILL BE GREATLY GREATLY APPRECIATED FROM ALL THE LEARNED PERSONS IN THIS FORUM.



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Hello Friend,


Saturn is a natural yogakaraka for your Lagna. very good planet because it is the lord of 9th and 10th house. placed in the second house.


For your Chart, Shani (saturn) is situated in the MARAKA.


If you wear Bluesapphire, things will go more bad.

There will be less flow of money through Work or travelling to foreign land, but you will surely face financial problems, this will create problems in family or there wont be any comfort from your parents. Lot of difficulty you will face.


Please dont wear any gemstones.

but still if you want to wear something, then you may try 8 faced Original Rudraksha because you were born in ashtami Tithi.




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