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Guest manmohan singh

Did Krishna advocate mass murder?

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But Krishna wanted to have revenge and ordered Arjuna to slaughter people. Isn't this a bit worrying?"



oh oh sir wrong where did you get this from.

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Let me explain something.

Murder is the taking of the life of an innocent and unarmed person who has otherwise done nothing to deserve the taking of his life.


When millions of soldiers assemble on the battlefield of Kuruksetra to oppose Lord Krishna's efforts to install the rightful heir to the Monarchy of Hastinapura, and belligerently choose to oppose the Supreme Lord from establishing his servant and devotee on the throne that he rightfully was supposed to inherit according to the Vedic law of the time, then the killing of them is in no way "murder" as is so erroneously insinuated by the person who started this topic.


No innocents were killed at Kurukshetra. The rules of battle in Vedic culture were strictly observed. There were no women, children or non-combatants killed in the battle of Kuruksetra.


The only persons who died on the battlefield of Kuruksetra were warriors who all assembled their voluntarily and without coercian.


To say that the killing of a combatant on the field of battle is "murder" is a heinous and atrocious accusation that is in fact a lie.


When a warrior kills an enemy combatant on the field of battle it is never "murder". It is the way of the warrior. It is not "murder" as cowardly bigots would like to say.


If you want to learn about murder, then study the Holy Bible of the Christians and learn about the wanton slaughter of innocent non-combatants by the Jews who were commanded by their god to kill them all and confiscate their land in the name of religion.


The most heinous and atrocious murder in the name of religion in the history of man is nicely chronicled in the Holy Bible of the Judeo-Christians.


In the Hindu histories such as Mahabharata you will only find the noble deeds of Vedic warriors who would never harm a hair on an innocent civilian.

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Let the bible be intolerant. How is that relevant to the topic? If someone asks a question on Krishna, you quote bible! Does that mean you can't answer questions? If bible is evil, does that necessarily mean gita, which advocates mass murder, is all good?


First of all, learn English. Killing in a war is not murder. That is not opinion, that is the Oxford English Dictionary. Maybe you should get a proper education.


Second of all, when people people refute your arguments, as they have, do not ignore their arguments, pretending they said nothing. Either make a counter argument or admit you have been defeated. Don't just bicker as a child.


If you cannot do any of these things, then you shouldn't waste your time in conversation.

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