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Facilities at Shirdi dham

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First I visited Shri Saibaba's Shirdi in 1983 if my memory is right when I was in school then in between(1983-2009) I was fortunate to offer my prayers couple of times at baba's feet in Shirdi couple of times.Last I visited this holy place was in 2004.

After my last visit I saw a huge difference in Shirdi,crowd is growing huge in numbers,facilities for pilgrims have been better than what it used to be in past,more hotels and much much more what one asks for.

Only thing which needs changes is the way mandir trust allowing people to offer their prayers inside temple,few points which they need to take care of are-

*They shift pilgrims to a hall with a facility of benches on both sides which looks good at first sight but in rush hours these bences creates a big hurdle and sometime people get a blow on their knees because of these benches due to narrow space.

*There is no separate "Q" for women,when rush is on it becomes very uncomfortable for ladies to stay in such Qs specially when they carry small child with them.I hence request mandir trust to have a separate Q for women from now on,this should be done as soon as possible.

*When one reaches near Baba's murty security persons virtually pushing every devotees with force to clear rush(and speaking in Marathi-no idea what they are saying to us) and because of this I saw many people falling down on ground,this is really shameful and cruel treatment and by no means such treatment should be given to those desired souls standing in Qs for hours togather.They are not only pushing males but females too!!!How cruel this is?

*In old times Mandir used to be in open and at once devotees were able to do darshan of Shri Sai but now its conjusted and closed type,better and practical solution is to raise height of Baba's platform so one can do darshan from distance and offer prayers,this will also solve problem of big Qs.

*There is no need for shops near temple's parisar,all shops must be shifted else where and this land should be merged in temple parisar for the benifit of devotees,thus they will have much more place to stand in parisar.

I wish someone will listen to suggestions given by me and solve problem for those who stands in Q for hours togather and finally receive a push from security who perhaps don't have any idea that Baba never liked such act in his life.

*All trustees of temple must once offer prayers on each Thursday by standing in Q with their family,this will give them some idea how difficult it is for others,better they comeout of their A/C chambers and understand ground realities and give best alternative to us.

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Your suggestions, based on your experience are great. Temples in India are not yet corporate/tourist enterprise, managed in a systematic way. But still, i think they are trying in their own way to make them accessible. Perhaps your suggestions will be helpful for the temple management. It may be worth mailing a letter with your thoughts as suggestions.


You may just be surprised by the reception of your ideas.

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