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Jagadguru Kripalu Yog Sessions across the USA (May-Oct, 2009)

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It has been fifty-one hundred years since first ray of Kali hit the mental clusters of the souls. And since then, the Pristine Vaidik Science has been subjected to vehement interpretations and concoctions. The word Yog is no more an unknown word. Since past two decades, ever since it has been exported from India, it has been renamed as ‘Yogaa’; and if only this was not enough, the pristine ancient Science, actually meant to reunite the individual soul to the Supersoul, has actually been contorted to the level of only physical postures and gymnastics. Increasing one’s physical fitness and outlook are the only remains of this ruined and misinterpreted Ancient Science.


Yoga, as stated in the Gauda Purān, means a union between the soul and the Supersoul and it teaches the simple and direct path of realizing our self and then God-realization. But this Pristine Yogic Science has been subjected to some serious misinterpretation and concoction in past two centuries, ever since it has been broadcast outside India. And due to its continuous downfall, the present meaning of Yog is restricted only to some physical postures and a bunch of breathing exercises. Moreover there are various types of Yogas taught in the market. This also creates confusion as to which one is the authentic and real

The first lesson of sincere spiritual Sādhanā is realization of the self as Ātmā and not body or other sensory-projections of our material self. Whereas all these yogas do try to heal our being at its different echelons, they fail to address our actual being viz., Ātmā! So, while all these so-called yogas do their bits and offer some instant change, they fail to give us any Perpetual Solution.








Jagadguru Shree Kripālu ji Mahārāj, who is only the fifth Original (not successor of) Jagadguru, meaning Universal Teacher, in past five thousand years, has out of His Encyclopedic Knowledge in Vedic Wisdom, revealed a Complete Program for revamping all the components of our being such as physical body, mind, intelligence and of course, our Soul (Ātmā). Synthesizing all the various branches of Yogas such as Ashtāng Yog, Kundalini Yog, Karma Yog, Gyān Yog, Sāmkhya Yog and Bhakti-Yog, Shree Kripālu ji Mahārāj has revealed a thorough science of the Soul and path to self-realization. Through practical set of enlightening Yogīc Techniques such as Subtle Body Relaxation (SBR) , Divine-Creative Meditation (DCM), Divine Vibration Āsanas (DVA), Divine-Vibration Prānāyām (DVP) and in depth guidance on the Science of the Soul, Shree Mahārāja jī reaches out to the common people of the modern age. Through His senior Disciple Swāmi Mukundānand, this Ancient Science has been reaching out worldwide since last twenty six years, changing lives of hundreds of millions of soulsSwāmi jī is to conduct a Tour across the USA between June-October. We, at JKY, invite all the aspirants to join in the tour and not this golden opportunity to self-realization.


»For further information as to event please visit:



»For information as to what is Jagadguru Kripalu Yog, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jagadguru-Kripalu-Yog-JKY/76874164437


»For a small introduction of the Bhakti Yog Instructor, Swāmi Śrī Mukundānand, please visit: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Swmi-r...nd/92452466638


»And for a small introduction of Shree Kripālu ji Mahārāj, the Pioneer of This Ancient Science, , please visit:



Thank you for your time...

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