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Can Somebody Suggest A Gemstone And A Good Astrologer In Bangalore

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i need ur help.. my dtails are-


12:30 p.m


sir pls suggest d best GEMSTONE suitable for me...my life is bland and depressing..i find no enjoyment in nethin.. kindly reply to cinu_jn@.co.in .. if possible...also can ne1 suggest a good astrologer in bangalore

my horoscope details are

<TABLE border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width=75>Planet</TD><TD width=75>Sign</TD><TD width=75>Degrees </TD><TD width=75>Retrograde? </TD><TD width=75>Nakshatra </TD><TD width=75>Pada</TD><TD width=75>Navamsha</TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Ascendant </TD><TD width=75>Aries</TD><TD width=75>18.816</TD><TD width=75>Direct</TD><TD width=75>Bharani</TD><TD width=75>2</TD><TD width=75>Virgo </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Sun </TD><TD width=75>Capricorn</TD><TD width=75>272.694</TD><TD width=75>Direct</TD><TD width=75>UttaraAshadha</TD><TD width=75>2</TD><TD width=75>Capricorn </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Moon </TD><TD width=75>Sagittarius</TD><TD width=75>245.602</TD><TD width=75>Direct</TD><TD width=75>Moola</TD><TD width=75>2</TD><TD width=75>Taurus </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Mars </TD><TD width=75>Scorpio</TD><TD width=75>222.085</TD><TD width=75>Direct</TD><TD width=75>Anuradha</TD><TD width=75>3</TD><TD width=75>Libra </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Mercury </TD><TD width=75>Capricorn</TD><TD width=75>287.858</TD><TD width=75>Direct</TD><TD width=75>Shravana</TD><TD width=75>3</TD><TD width=75>Gemini </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Jupiter </TD><TD width=75>Pisces</TD><TD width=75>357.862</TD><TD width=75>Direct</TD><TD width=75>Revati</TD><TD width=75>4</TD><TD width=75>Pisces </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Venus </TD><TD width=75>Aquarius</TD><TD width=75>308.306</TD><TD width=75>Direct</TD><TD width=75>Shatbhisha</TD><TD width=75>1</TD><TD width=75>Sagittarius </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Saturn </TD><TD width=75>Sagittarius</TD><TD width=75>243.41</TD><TD width=75>Direct</TD><TD width=75>Moola</TD><TD width=75>2</TD><TD width=75>Taurus </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Rahu </TD><TD width=75>Pisces</TD><TD width=75>331.263</TD><TD width=75>Retrograde</TD><TD width=75>PurvaBhadra</TD><TD width=75>4</TD><TD width=75>Cancer </TD></TR><TR><TD width=75>Ketu </TD><TD width=75>Virgo</TD><TD width=75>151.263</TD><TD width=75>Retrograde</TD><TD width=75>UttaraPhalguni</TD><TD width=75>2</TD><TD width=75>Capricorn </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>


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