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  1. Thanks a lot Riaz. I will remove Emerald and continue to wear diamond. I hope it will improve the situation.
  2. I am wearing original diamond. but not sure about its weight or quality. It has been good to me but of late there at a professional level not able to get same sucess as i had earlier- infact looks like it has become stagnant or may be going down a downhill. Not been able to do what I want to do and suddenly some problem crops up that completely changes what I had been thinking. was also suggested that venus being lord of 6th house will create professinal enemies...and was advised blue sapphire instead..
  3. DOB 05-Aug-1975 Time :01:45 am Place 28N40 77E26
  4. Which wrong stones are u talking about. ...I have not worn them and asking for advice from experienced astrologers. looks like there is some confusion. If you can recommend right stones, that would be helpful. Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks software_riaz for clarification Please can you guide me and recommend the right stones for me-
  6. Hi, I am Taurus ascendant and been wearing diamond, iron ring and green emerald. Last week, my mother went to renowned astrologer and he suggested totally different stones. He suggested to wear Gomedh and Pukhraaj. I was taken aback as no one earlier has suggested me these two stones. Rahu is in 7th house( i.e no 8) Jupiter is in 12 house ( i.e. of Aries in no 1) Other planets being Moon in 2nd house(Gemini) Sun,Mer and Sat in 3house(Cancer) Ven in 4house (Leo) I am confused as what is right ? And do I need to wear Gomedh and Pukhraaj he also said its imp for the professional success. Please guide
  7. Can it be generalized for all "taurus rising" people . that Saturn is benefic planet. Isn't it dependent on which house Saturn/Venus is present. Like in case, Saturn is in 3rd house and Venus in 4th house( enemy house). Is Saturn benefic ? Should Neelam be worn ? And what about diamond?
  8. Any help in this regard. I am not able to really think how to approach my life. Any knowledgeable astrologers, please help
  9. I have observed that in my profession I am not able to do what I intend to do - rather will have to do what I don't want to do. Very frustrating. not able to get position of choice. Want to go abroad for few years but there appears no window.... will I be able to go ? when will I have position of my choice in profession DOB:05-Aug-75 Time:01:45 am Place : 28N40 77E26
  10. hi, Can you highlight the steps required to make general predictions about the chart.
  11. Thanks for your reply. i.e. Jupiter is lord of Sagi and pisces and thus u are saying its lord of 8th and 11 H. Now, 8th is ayu sthan and 11 is house of gains and income..... So, if house of gains and of age is in 12 house ...how are u able to predict about faroff land....
  12. Hi, I am trying to understand astrology and have a very basic question. Please pardon me for my ignorance. I will illustrate it with an example Suppose.... Jupiter is in Aries but in 12th house. Positive --- Jupiter in Aries is considered good... Negative ---- 12 house is the house of expenses... So, If someone wants to interpret the effect bec of Jupiter on native...will it be overall positive or negative. 1) It is overall negative .....as Jupiter is in good house but is going to increase the power of house 12..i.e native will have lot of expenses or 2) Is overall positive......Jupiter is good for native and he will have more positive effects of presence of Jupiter in Aries ... i.e. good education etc ....and will overweigh the negative effects due to its presence in 12th house... Accordingly, whether he should enhance Jupiter (wear yellow sapphire) or reduce Jupiter effects (do some puja/daan to reduce his expenses.....) Please guide.
  13. I want to learn astrology. I know few basics but would like to build foundation. Can you please point good books, internet sites to gain good understanding on the subject.
  14. Looking at my chart, Will I be able to go and stay abroad long term ? Also what is the chance of further eduction ?
  15. I have also similar experience where for Taurus lagna, and Venus in house 4...some astrologers recommending Diamond but of late specially from few good astrologers...it is advised not to wear diamond as its the lord of 6th house as well.. Not sure if we have enough data to prove it either way.....I think beyond science it also about faith, interpretation and your own belief. Would like to hear more from people who could provide more inputs to it. Where is your saturn placed and are u wearing Blue sapphire ?
  16. Hi, I started well in my career including working for good companies and trips abroad as well. It went on fine for few years but after that its going nowhere...abroad trip have tried up and am hardly moving up - either on same level or even below. Looks like decisions turned out to be wrong When will I be able to grow in my career ? DOB :-05-Aug-75 Time :01:45 am Place : Ghaziabad
  17. Thanks WebYogi Ji. I will try to find good quality Blue Sapphire. By god's grace and your advice, I have got an offer but would have to relocate to Banglore. Bit concerned as whole family would have to move. I hope it would be good - unless I find something soon in adjoining areas I have to make the move. I don't to make wrong decision but currently don't have other option. Do you suggest to wait and find nearby?
  18. Namaskar WebYogi, I was advised to wear Neelam (Saturn in third house directly looking at the 10th house and also in Saturn Mahadasha). Since Blue Sapphire(Neelam) is quite expensive, I bought Neeli( sold to me as Neelam dank- crystallized from Neelam piece ) and kept it for week to test it. I kept it under the pillow, tied it to my arm for different intervals during week. Initially I was not able to sleep on the first night and removed it. Then I wore it off and on but couldn't find it conclusive in either way. I am not sure what to do now. 1) Whether to get a ring out of it and wear it 2) Look for another stone or may be another piece- may be pure Neeli/Jamuniya/ or other substitute ( if yes which one in particular)- are they all same and can be used as substitute of Sapphire 3) Whether to go only for Blue sapphire ( though very expensive ). DOB : 05-Aug-1975 TOB : 01:45 am POB : Ghaziabad
  19. Namaskar WebYogi ji, Thanks for the quick response. I am unable to PM you as currently my posts are less than 30. Girl is in India, so pls suggest the remedy she can try. Thanks
  20. Namaskar WebYogi ji, One of my relatives has lot of difficulty in getting married. She is now more than 32 yrs old DOB: 19th Sep 1975 TOB : 04:50 am POB: Allahabad She has following queries 1) By when she will get married ? 2) What is the reason for delay ? 3) How can the problem be rectified. Thanks
  21. This might be bit difficult as I may need to travel on a weekend . Any other options with more flexibility Please let me know how long will the period continue. Some one suggested me that after 36 yrs of age there is excellent rise and growth. Do you agree with that observation
  22. Namaskar WebYogi Ji, I am currently in India. Please suggest what can I do for Sani. I have recently started wearing "iron ring" in my right hand middle finger. I will also try what you have suggested for Sapphire. I am thinking to buy the initial quality Sapphire - not to invest huge sum that I may not use. Also want to know, is Saturn bad for me or good for me...bec I think if its bad it might increase the negative influence ... Also, pls let me know when do u think it will get better. Thanks
  23. Namaskar WebYogi Ji, It appears that the period since 2002 has not been going in any direction. The period from 1998-2002 has been exceptional with my growth exemplary. Since 2002, any decision that I took appears to be wrong/foolish - irrespective of how much thought have gone into it. People who were so much lagging behind are are now ahead or atleast at par and people who were at par are way ahead. Now I realize this period is when my Saturn mahadasha started - this causes me big worry as the this dasha will continue is till 2021 and this being prime period of my life. Is this just coincidence ? What should I do to bring it on track ? If its because of Saturn, looking at my chart, what puja etc can I do to help it. Can you see some betterment in future. I have already started worshipping Lakshmi mata and feel quite satisfied without that. I am also looking at blue Sapphire - challenge been there is such wide range available from Rs 2000 to Rs 50000 - not sure which one is right or genuine. Also since its considered risky stone - bit scared. Thanks for your help and guidance
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