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Shukra lagan and marital happiness.

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Shukra Lagna



Shukra or the Venus, the owner of the 7th house of Tula (Libra) of

the natural zodiac plays an important part in the married life. Sage

Parasara has advised to check the marital happiness in a chart first of

all treating Venus position as lagna.

Then Chandra Lagna has to be seen for assessment of the

overall domestic happiness. Rasi as well as Navamsa Chart should be

seen to assess the short comings in the personal traits and behaviours

of the partners.

If the Couple (husband and wife) are god fearing, sincere and

honest and due respect-paying to the Guru and their Parents; then the

jyotish can take the role of Purohit( meaning who sees the overall

welfare of the Pura- or the family/ clan) and suggest appropriate

remedial/improvement measures to help them bring out

change/improvement in their personalities and necessary changes in

the day to day running of the domestic life so as to minimize the

problems and frictions in the domestic and married life to make it more

happier and prosperous.

An example/ analysis of the Shukra Lagna and Chandra Lagna to

know the happiness in married life.

1)In the above chart Shukra is placed in 11th house

= Result is Good

(2)Shukra owns the houses 9 = Result moderately bad

(3)Shukra owns the 2nd house = Result bad

(4)Shukra is combust by rays of Sun (as Sun is 2nd lord from Shukra

Lagna) = Result bad

(5)Sign dispositor of Shukra is Moon placed in 12th from Shukra =

result bad

(6)7th lord from Shukra is Jupiter placed in 10th from Shukra = good

(7)sign dispositor of 7th lord(Jupiter) is Mars placed in 4th house from

Venus =good

(8)4th lord from Shukra is Shukra itself placed in Shukra Lagna is

good but inactuality it is bad since all the results/analysis factors about

Shukra are strongly negative

Next let analyse the karka for stability Saturn and its relationship with

the karaka of Marriage Shukra to see the chances of a stable


(1)Saturn is placed 3rd to Shukra in the house of domestic

unhappiness(12th to shkhasthana) = bad

(2)Saturn owns the 7th house of marriage as well as the 8th house of

difficulty = moderately good

(3)However Rahu’s placement in 7th house from Shukra lagna

at the same time Ketu strongly afflicting the sign dispositor of Saturn =

is bad

(4) sign dispositor of Saturn is Mercury placed in 2nd house/bhava from

Venus is = bad

(The readers who are not used to prepare the bhava kundali may note

that when we take the longitude of Shukra i.e. 10 degree as Shukra

Lagna the 1st bhava will end at 10 +15 =25 degree; so mercury goes to

2nd bhava from Shukra )

Now come to see the Chandra Lagna:-

(1)Chandra is placed in the 10th house =moderately good.

(2)Chandra is 2nd lord from Chandra Lagna(if we treat the sign where

moon is placed as lagna) = bad

(3) The sign dispositor of Chandra Lagna Mercury is strongly eclipsed

by Ketu = bad

(4)The sign dispositor of Chandra Lagna Mercury is placed in 2nd



house from Chandra = bad

(5)The 7th lord from Chandra Lagna is Jupiter placed in 11th house =


(However this Jupiter is being strongly aspected by the 6th lord

Mars(breaker of marriage) = hence this Jupiter has lost its power to

protect the marriage.

(6) The 4th from Chandra lagna is mercury = strongly afflicted by ketu

= bad

(7) It is also placed in 2nd house from Chandra lagna = bad.

So we see from the above analysis that :-

Out of 8 factors of Shukra Lagna =2 good, 6 bad

Out of 4 factors of Shukra-Shani relationship for stability of marriage =

1 good, 3 bad

Out of 7 factors taken from Chandra Lagna:

= 2 good, 5 bad

As evident from the above the native’s husband died just after 5 years

after her marriage putting an end to the conjugal relationship though

the marriage was fixed by the parent after seeing 28 out of 36 Guna

matching favourably as per the 12 Kuta system of match making

(Refer- Jataka Chandrika)


So it is amply clear that before venturing for marriage of this native for

appropriate remedial/ improvement measures ought to have been

taken and above all- the chat should be matched with another chart

preferably scoring very high from marital happiness/ domestic

happiness point of view so that the average marital happiness could

have been improved.

Sometimes it may be quite difficult to find a suitable chart scoring very

high scores on marital happiness point of view- even then an average

chart could be matched for provided the planetary positions in that

chart in combination with this chart largely improves the factors of

marital happiness. This is generally done by seeing if the planets in

other chart when imported to the same sign of the partner forms

favourable Yoga leading to happy married life.


Any suggestion for rectification and improvement may please be sent

by email to astrologer_mrutyunjay@



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