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Ayush ji- gemstone for health and happiness

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Hi Ayush ji,


I have just read your reply to whipoorwill. First time i am seeing someone saying that " i do not believe much in prayers and believe in gemstones".

Although this is uncommon, i am sure u must have ur good reasons for it..

I too have a strong belief that they can change life for good.


Can you please suggest me gemstone for good health and prosperity in life?

Also will i need to wear more than one stone?



date 5 july 77

time 3.50 am

place hyderabad/secunderabad



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Dear unhealthy,


Religion is created by humans. This was a source of entertainment, happiness, and meditation in the earlier days. As humans evolved so did the rules and regulations with the religion, and they became the foundation layer of the society. Now, most of the people do the things they have been doing since childhood, like worshiping, as they have seen their parents, their grandparents doing the same. What they fail in is to question why are they doing so.


Astrology is the science of combination. Hundred years ago a man with the same planetary positions like yours was born, astrologers at that time tracked his life and wrote details and events. Now, today when someone would look at the same chart which is yours, one can easily predict about the events and the life in general. Planets are constant, their position changes in the twelve houses, and applying numerous combination on these constants predictions are made.


Now, this science evolved in India, where hinduism is the prime religion. Solutions were made in accordance to the religion, to increase/decrease the intensity of the planet. But, what about a native from different religion, a muslim may have the same chants as a hindu, however, their methods to strengthen the planets might be different, that sounds irrelevant. Stones fit in the picture as they are visible, they do help native as certain astrological stones have energy in them.


I've seen prayers helping natives. It is because prayers are meditation, they can ease your mind and even at times make a twiddler walk straight. People follow worshiping and derive good results because they have faith in their prayers, positive energy. I believe the prime and utmost important is the Karma, no stones or prayers can change those planets which are constant, only your karma, and staying on the right path can make your life a success.


As per the details provided by you;

Lagna: Taurus

Rashi: Aquarius

Current Dasha: Saturn + Mercury upto August 2009


In your chart Venus is strong creating Malvaya Mahapurush Yoga, its a good sign, however, Jupiter, lord of 8th and 11th is in Greater Enemy Taurus, the lagna, along with Venus. This is inauspicious.


You are currently under Saturn's MD. Saturn is a benefic for you but is placed in enemy's house. Strengthening Saturn will bring in good luck and also help you in professional life, or your karma.

You can wear Blue Sapphire for Saturn.


Saturn will payback your hard work, so do your karma and results will be great.


You can wear as many stones as you want, till you have faith in wearing them. I do not see any reason for you to wear anything other than Blue Sapphire.


Hope it helps.



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Ayush ji,


Its really felt good to read what u have said. Very educative.

What u have said about different faiths and how they work is very true.

And i think Karma is the ultimate way to finally justify this human birth.


Saturn is a benefic for my lagna as u said and jupiter is malefic. But i think saturn is not able to do good to me atleast till now. He has taken away everything from me. Anyways, have no option but to undergo the effects of karma. I have no complaints.

I was confused by what u said regarding my current dasa. You said its Saturn + Mercury till Aug 2009. I thought it was Saturn + Saturn till Aug 2009.

You must be using a different Ayanamsa..


I will search for a reliable source to find a Natural Unheated Blue Sapphire , then will acquire one...


I Thank You for your quick and elaborate reply and hope to learn much from this forum hereafter.



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