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Phalaris Aquatica as the true Soma

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When I started using Phalaris Aquatica I was reading the Rig-Veda, and it started to become very familiar, like the nature of the Phalaris was the nature of the Rig Veda. I started getting pictures about how this was the original Soma and one of the first plants that was found when they started discovering this universe. After that I have had this information more and more confirmed, and I feel very certain that Phalaris has it's place in the Rig-Veda, either as Soma, Amrta or the golden reed.



from wikipedia:

Aditi is sometimes associated with or identified as a cow. As a cow, she provides nourishment, and as the cosmic cow, her milk is identified with the redemptive, invigorating drink Soma (1.153.3).



cows often chew on this grass, and therefore some of this energy goes into the milk


The Secret of the Soma Plant by Dr. David Frawley:



This text describes Soma as being some sort of reed :

"the main Rig Vedic Soma land also refers to a lake and means ‘abounding with reeds'" and "This again shows Soma growing in marshy or aquatic areas and being some sort of reed. Some scholars have gone so far as to identify Soma with the sugar cane, another Saccharum species cultivated in ancient India."


I believe that this reed is Phalaris Aquatica, and as Dr. David Frawley says:


"However, we must remember that the real Soma is a secretion in the brain from spiritual practices of Yoga, pranayama, mantra and meditation (an elixir prepared from the Tarpak Kapha or form of Kapha lubricating the nervous system in Ayurvedic though). Soma at a yogic level refers to the crown chakra, which is opened by Indra (yogic insight) and releases a flood of bliss throughout the body. This inner Soma is the main subject of the Vedic hymns, though outer Somas were also important. "


This is an important thing to notice since Phalaris Aquatica contains DMT, and DMT is produced naturally in our brain.



from wikipedia:

Dr. Rick Strassman also speculates that DMT is made in the pineal gland, largely because the necessary constituents (see methyltransferases) needed to make DMT are found in the pineal.



The pineal gland is the third eye according to wikipedia.

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