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U SANJEEVA RAO SIR dont ignore me....

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I am a Btech graduate who got recruited by a multi national company during my Btech course.After i completed Btech,unfortunately because of Global economic meltdown,the company has frozen its recruitment.I am right now preparing to acquire an MBA degree.

But I am seriously concerned about my Career,Education and Wealth in future.Will i have adequate financial resources in future?? Also Please tell me about the good and bad times in my life.i would be very grateful for your help..




DOB: 20th March 1987

TOB: 05:30 PM (IST)

POB:Quilon(76'38 E, 8'54 N),kerala,India

Gender: Male.

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Dear Deepak,

Have I replied you early ?

It is difficult to predict the entire events in a person's life.Astrology is very complicated subject.

Ask the most important problem which you may be facing at present or anticipating.

with best wishes,


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thankyou sir for replying to my post.Sorry for overlooking the difficulties involved in interpreting a birthchart.


cutting short my Questions,i would like to ask :


1)what are the most favourable and unfavourable dasas for me?

2)how is my career going to be?will i be financially prosperous?

3)Anything else which u feel i should lookout for(good/bad)

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