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Urgent advice needed!! Plz Help!!

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Guest love_alliance18

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Guest love_alliance18

Respected Gurujis n dear mates,


I need your kind help at the earliest as i'm undergoing the most critical phase of my life. I had been in love with a girl for the past 6 years n we had many ups and downs in our relationship. She dumped me twice and returned to me. Everything was almost fine when a month back she suddenly said she can't continue with me as her father wants to get her married somewhere else. I was shocked at her behaviour n now i dont have any ways to approach her. I had plans to go for higher studies in the coming year and get a job in the following years n settle down with her. But now, i can't see any objective in life without her. I'm so terribly sick that psychiatric counsellings have failed for me. I can't imagine anything now and am really living in illusions.


I need your kind answer(s) on the following questions :


1. Will she comeback to me n marry me?


2. Will her Dad agree to our marriage?


3. Does she still love me?


4. I have plans to get on job for a year n then pursue my masters. Is it better or shall i do the vice-versa.




Mine and her birth details are as follows :




1. DOB - 19/11/1986 , Time - 06:53 AM , Place - Patna, Bihar, India , Sex- Male


2. DOB - 11/12/1985 , Time - 06:30 AM , Place - Rourkela, Orissa, India , Sex - Female



I had consulted some ppl earlier n some told me that we are not a good match but i still want to get married to her anyhow coz she's the only reason i'm living. It's my thinking n i don't want it to be changed.


So plz help me out by giving the best of advices.




With Best Regards

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I am no astrologer...however I can tell you one thing as my advice... and take it if you like it.

Start thinking high for yourself and have some self respect for yourself...she dumped you 3 times ...you should have put a full stop when she did this the 1st time. One cannot clap with one hand only...


One of my friend in my school days told me once...."Ladkiya bus ki tarah hoti hai...Ek gayi dusri mil jayegi".

I do not say that you have to start thinking the same way...All I am saying that you will find your love one day. Stop crying and start thinking about your future.

You will find a better person one day.


We all get connected for a reason (Past Karmas) and we have to move on.

Also remember one thing humans thinks very selfish...you have to become something in life along with being nice ...so no one can dare to leave you. Life is a gift of god..help others and live the best you can.


Just my few cents.

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