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Understanding Rahu's behavior and nature

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I need some advice regarding behavior and nature of Rahu


I want to know how can some one get positive results from Rahu even if placed in a bad position in Horoscope

I also want to know the behavior as well as positive and negative effects of Rahu if placed in Lagna which specially for Gemini Ascendants

I have come across some links on goggle which say if Rahu is placed before Saturn then it gives good results but i am not clear with it.

Is this placement of Rahu good for career but destroys martial relationships.


I have done posts less than 15 so I am not able to post the exact link where I got this information it is restricted by the forum moderators.

I came to know from the link that

bad effects of Rahu can be checked by strengthening Mercury.Would wearing Emerald and Hessonite together would prove beneficial.

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