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Any hope?

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Hello there


I am new in forum and I know few things in astrology. But i have a strange situation and i want know where i am going.

I had a relationship with a married man for 1 year and a half. It was love with the first sight. When i knew that he was married, in the first weeks of our relationship, i wanted to close it, but it was not possible, because he kept me with the hope that his marriage was not happy at all and he would ask for the separation from his wife. Now after one year and a half we got separated, because he admitted he has obligations. I have to tell we had a great relationship during all this time, and I think we love each-other very much. Could anybody tell what is going to happen, to hope, or to forget him?


My details:

Date of birth: 16 may 1978

Place of birth: Tirana, Albania, Europe

Time of birth: 04.20 am


His details:

date of birth: 20 november 1977

place of birth: Burrel, Albania, Europe

Time of birth 02.00 pm


I would really appreciate the help.

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Your lover begins with his Ketu Mahadasha pretty soon. Nothing is going to remain the same between the two of you. You'd do well with praying for happiness all around. This may sound cliche, but imagine the effect upon the family.


Best Wishes

Deepa Bhandari

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