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Unknown song from Narottam Das Thakur

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I am looking for the title and the full lyrics of a song , whose first line goes something like :


" Haribol bo ar Madana-Mohan heribo go

Ei rupete Brajerpate cholibo go . "

( Not sure about the words )


It is in Dadra Taal ( 6/8 Time ) .


Since the last line says " Kahe Narottama Das " , I assume it is from him .

In fact I have looked for this song in this link( http://kksongs.org/authors/list/narottama.html ) , but I could not find it there .


It would also be appreciated if someone has a full audio of it .


Thanks in advance .

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I will copy and paste the full text ( with mistakes ) from somemone who had the same question some years ago in another forum :




" Advitiya - Thu, 30 Dec 2004 12:23:49 +0530

I like to share this kirtan for this very special occassion of Rasaraj.

Last night I just heard someone singing this dainya-bodhika kIrtan of Narottam Das Thakur in a house program. The tune was beautiful and as we were singing we all felt like as if we were all in Vrindavan.

I will also hold on to this utmost desire (Arti) in my heart, so that, one day I can also touch the holy dust of Vraja-bhUmi.

Here is the song for my Vraja-vasi freinds. Let Baba sing this song for you.


hari bolbo Ar madan-mohan herbo go |

ei rUpete brajer pathe colibo go ||

jabo go brajendra-pur, habo gopIr payer nUpur,

nUpur hoye runu-jhunu bajibo go ||

rAdhA-kRSNer rUp-mAdhurI, dekhibo du’nayan bhori,

nikunjer dvArer dvArI rohibo go ||

bipine binoda khelA, sangete rAkhAler melA,

tader caraNer dhUlA mAkhibo go ||

braja-basI tomrA sabe, ei abhilAS pUrAo ebe,

Ar kabe kRSNer bAnzi shunibo go ||

e deha antima-kAle, rAkhbo zrI-jamunAr jale,

jay rAdhe govinda bole bhAsibo go ||

kahe narottama dAs, nA pUrilo abhilAS

Ar kabe braje bAs koribo go ||


Please feel free to correct if there are any mistakes. Because I wrote it down just by hearing. I didn't find it in any Vaishnava song book yet. "

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Ok , I finally found the full and correct lyrics ( with portuguese translation ) :


Hari Bolibo Ar Madan-Mohan

Srila Narottama Das Thakura



hari bolibo ar madan-mohan heribol go

ei rupe vrajer pathe calibo go(1)


Quando cantarei os nomes de Hari e verei o Senhor Madana Mohana? Deste modo, quero viajar no caminho de Vraja.



jaba go vrajendra-pur, ha’ba gopikar nupur

tadera carane madhur-madhur bajibo go

vipine vinoda khela, sangete rakhaler mela

tadera caraner dhula makhibo go (2)


Ao entrar em Vraja, me tornarei um sino de tornozelo nos pés das gopis e farei um doce som tilintante. Observarei os passatempos brincalhões dos vaqueirinhos na floresta de Vrndavana e espalharei a poeira de seus pés pelo meu corpo.



radha-krsner rupa madhuri, heribo du nayana bhori

nikunjera dwari dwari rohibo go

tomara saba vrajavasi, purao manera abhilasi,

kabe sri-krsnera vamsi sunibo go (3)


Verei a doce beleza de Radha e Krsna para a satisfação dos meus olhos e permanecerei como um guarda no portão dos bosques de Vraja. Ó residentes de Vraja! Por favor, satisfaçam meus desejos e permitam que eu ouça o doce som da flauta de Krsna.



ei dhena antima kale, rakhibo sri-yamunara jale

jaya radha govinda bole bhasibo go

kohe narottama das, na purila abhilas

kabe hama vraja-vasa koribo go (4)


No momento em que abandonar meu corpo, irei simplesmente colocá-lo nas águas do Yamuna e flutuarei cantando “Jaya Radha-Govinda”. Narottama das lamenta assim: “Quando residirei em Vraja?”.






In fact , I had a tape where this song was included , but unfortunately it deteriorated ( It´s name was something like " Mayapur Kirtan " from a company called " Gaura Vani " , I bought it in the mid 90´s) .

So if anyone knows where I can buy this tune online or download it , I would be thankful .

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