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Soma Juice

10th dimension, string theory and god

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I was watching this video about the dimensions of reality.




And i thought, wow, what the scientist has discovered is very close to what ive read in the Srimad-bhagavatam.


In the 10th dimension infinite possiblities is kept and what that makes up reality is superstrings vibrating creating diffrent realities.

It is similar to that all possibilities is kept dormant in god and through his will is manifestet through his energies/superstrings?

What is your take on this theory?

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String theory predicts the existence of consistent quantum field theories within space-time dimensions (degrees of freedom) higher than our familiar four dimensions (three space dimensions and one time dimension). And the requirement of local interactions (usually present as a basic principle in ordinary quantum field theories) can, at least theoretically, be dropped in string theory. It might then be possible to define a 'nonlocal' quantum field theory (without a coupling constant) that models all local forces in nature as well as nonlocal gravity. In string theories, nonlocal (gravitational) interactions are explained by fundamental strings (tiny vibrating lines without mass) that can stretch between different points in space-time. By mediating some force between nonlocal points, strings could create mass and gravity. This means, string theory could ultimately become the quantum gravitational field theory that unifies quantum mechanics and general relativity theory. Furthermore, the necessary extra dimensions are believed to be extremely small (compacted). Therefore, the geometrical shape of these extra dimensions and the different resonance frequencies of the different length strings that exist in these dimensions, may explain all the various types of observable quantum particles in nature. Many important details of string theories are still unknown, however, and gravitational string theory (if it exists at all) is commonly believed to be in its very early infancy.


Personally I’m not getting a nice warm feeling when I think about string theory. I think e.g. 'quantum chaos theory' is much simpler and much more powerful than any quantum string theory. Especially when it comes to understanding reality as it is..

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