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exalted yogakaraka mars for leo lagna in 6th house!!

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om sadguru shirdi sairam,


dear all learned vedic astrologers, namaskarams..


I am learning vedic astrology from few years. I find vedic astrology as a divine science, would prove results if interpreted properly..


I have been going through many charts to gain more practical knowledge, and, I have many doubts regarding my son's birth chart.


1. Vargottama exalted venus in 8th house with sun, debilated mercury, and rahu.

2. exalted mars in 6th house

3. Jupiter in 2nd house aspecting 8th house, though jupiter owns both 5th and 8th house... it is considered as benefic for leo lagna (i read this in aryabhatta.com) due to its kona lordship is this true??


my son is of leo lagna

dob: 10th April 2005

TOB: 15:56

Pob: Sydney Australia.


His mercury though debilated in rashi but exalted in navamsha, venus remained exalted in navamsha but mars debilated in navamsha...I do not know how to interpret planet strength in this regard and I doubt about the benefic nature of both venus and mars occupying malefic houses. As you may find 4 planets in 8th house...please some learned members of astrology shed some light on this chart and help me in creating good future for my kid.


May god bless us

om sairam

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Dear Sairam,


I'll give you some pointers to help you understand the exaltation and debilitation in Rasi and Navamsa.


Planets that do get debilitated in the Rasi can get cancellation of debility - but virtue of other planets (like Rasi dispositor of the debilitation sign, Rasi dispositor of exaltation sign, planet that gets exalted in this sign being in a quadrant from lagna) - In addition to this list - when this debilitated planet gets exalted in Navamsa - it considered a major cancellation - The native is considered to receive a divine blessing or boon for all his hardwork.


Similarly a Vargottama planet gets highly strengthened giving the native strong grit and determination.


Also a planet exalted in Rasi but in debilitated in Navamsa is considered highly inauspicious - hardwork put in would go waste and not much benefit would be derived out of it.


Now coming to your son's chart - without going into specifics - Mercury does not get cancellation of debility in Rasi - but his hardwork will be blessed by virtue of the exaltation in Navamsa. Venus is quite strong and Mars (yogakaraka) exaltation is lost in Navamsa - father (You) may be well placed, career oriented, successful - but his health will suffer by placement in 6th.


Hope this helps.



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Dear classic72 ji,


Thanks a lot. Your help is always appreciated.

Well i got another doubt after seeing ur valuable comments, how is the strong nature of venus helps in being 8th house, can it deliver any good for him, i am stressing on this point because as you can see all his major steps of life are going to take place during this current venus dasha as its period ends when my son is 20-years old.


i want to raise another important thing regarding venus is that, venus-sun combustion (3 degrees apart), but this combustion has a saturn's 10th aspect and i have read in one of the vedic texts that venus-sun combustion gets cancelled with the aspect of saturn, firstly is it true? and what will the jupiter in second house do aspecting directly on 8th house...


i feel his chart is a bit complicated to understand as major no. of planets occupy 8th house.


Please take your time and pass your really valuable comments on this chart...and suggest any chanting of god if helpful. My son started chanting to gods recently...


all the learned members are welcome to leave their comments


om sairam

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