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Marital discord

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Marital discord is a universal problem all over the world. The reasons can be many including the economical, lack of physical and psychological compatibility, extra-marital relations, aggressive attitude of husband/wife, selfish nature of the husband/wife, etc. There are marriages which survive in spite of all the problems mentioned above with some amount of inharmonious relationship and yet there are others which cannot bear the strains and end in divorce. The reasons can be traced to the operating sub-period of the planet indicating marital discord. The problems in marriage are shown by the affliction(s) caused by the functional malefic planet(s) to one or more of the following weak planets/houses:

- The most effective point of the houses signifying marriage, which are the seventh, second, fourth, eighth and twelfth houses.

- The determinants of marriage i.e. the planets ruling the mooltrikona houses signifying marriage.

- Jupiter as significator for the husband.

- Venus as significator for wife and general significator of marriage.

- The sign Libra, which is the seventh house of the natural zodiac.

The weak planets delay the marriage while the close or exact afflictions to weak planets becoming indicators of marriage cause marriage problems.

The functional malefic planets, especially Mars, the lord of the sixth house or Ketu forming relationship either with the ascendant, the seventh or second or fourth house or their lords make the native aggressive and ill-tempered if the benefic influence of strong functional benefic planets is absent. Rahu or Ketu joining hands closely with the functional malefic planet, Mars, make the native/spouse stray and that becomes the reason for the discord. The selfish nature of any of the married partners is governed by the weakness of Jupiter. The debilitated planets in second house close to the most effective point or the lord of the second in debilitation also indicate marital discord.

The marital discord has two dimensions: a peaceful separation/divorce or quarrels/disputes followed by criminal law-suits. The separations and loss of happy married life are caused by the functional malefic planets whenever they closely influence the house(s) signifying marriage and/or the determinant planet(s) and/or the significator planet(s). When such a planetary relationship/influence is developed by the involvement of the lord of the sixth house or the lords of the ascendant, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house joining the sixth house start operating, disputes leading to criminal law-suits followed by divorce start.




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