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Skin Problem

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Hello friends,

I am new here...I am facing a problem now a days, I went through an accident before 2 months and there were some wounds on my face too...so the whole skin is black now...I dont want to go for an orthopaedic surgery..is there any aurvedic home treatment which can be done to get rid of this blackness...

Thanks a lot

Swapna Malhotra

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Dear Swapna Malhotra

there is Ayurveda Medicines that can work out to reduce blackness on your face.. and there are many medicines which can be make you cured but i will like to recomend you to start early course for ayurveda treatment like :-


Keshore Gugglue - 2 - 2 gugulu with luke warm water twice a day after lunch and dinner..


Haridrakhand -- 1 tea spoon around 7gm twice a day with luke warm milk before sleeping and in day time during breakfast


along with it.. put external one laip

Dashang laip :- mix that poweder laip with GangaJal or rose water and apply in infected area of face once it dry then gentle was on face and see the effect please take minimum one months all those course and see how much percentage cure you are feeling according to that we can see what Ayurvedic medicines we continue.. but please assure about the quality of Ayurvedic medicines and laip..


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hari om swapna ji




1. "kumkumadi thailam [ vadyaratnam or kottackal] apply in affected area leave 15 minutes and wash with cold water.


2. Fairness cream - Himalay herbal product


Fairness Cream is a 100% natural fairness cream that improves complexion, nourishes and makes the skin soft.

A unique formulation with natural ingredients, it ensures ease of application and faster absorption, which provide better nourishment to the skin. It works throughout the day, making complexion better, each time, every time.


Clean the face and neck thoroughly with Gentle Face Wash Gel / Cream. Apply Fairness Cream all over the face and neck in upward circular motions, twice a day. For external use only.


Avaoid usage of soap in face and try green gram powder or basin or "vatika safron glow soap"



course 6 weeks



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