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what enters the mouth

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There were 4 friends: Ears, Legs, Eyes, and Hands (this is an African story, i can't remember the African names), they went hunting. Ears heard buffalos tramping and belowing. Legs went there, Eyes saw the buffalos, Hands caught one, killed the animal and brought it home. Then there was a quarrel as everyone wanted the meat for himself. Hands argued: it was me who caught the buffalo, i deserve all the meat. Eyes objected: can any work be done without me? Let alone hunting! You would get nothing without me! Legs said: why, could you hunt and catch anything without Legs? you could go nowhere without me! Then Ears replied: no, you wouldn’t know where to go without me; it is always Ears who shows you where to go! While they were debating without coming to any agreement, Stomach interrupted them: Sorry, my friends, the whole buffalo belongs to me, i must get all that meat. What! they shouted; you r the only one who has not the right to talk! You did nothing when we strived to catch the buffalo. Oh, well, the Stomach answered, you do not accept what i say, but you do not agree among yourselves too; so the only solution is to go to the judge for arbitration. So the 4 friends went to the judge, and expounded their arguments to him; still they could not accept each others statement. The judge saw how stubborn they all were, so he said nothing; instead, he mashed a plant (a certain poisonous plant) that grows alongside the bank of the Nile river, mixed it with water and gave it to the Stomach. Then the judge asked Ears: can you hear now? – what did you say? i can’t hear; he asked Eyes: what can you see now? - hell, i can’t see anything! He asked Legs: can you run now? – no, i can’t even stand up! He asked Hands: can you hold this glass of water? – no, i can’t even move! So, said the judge, let’s see what happens now. He gave the Stomach a glass of milk, which is a well known antidote for most kinds of poison. Then Eyes said: Oh! i start seeing! Ears said: Oh! now i can hear some sounds and voices! Legs said: Oh, i can stand up now! And Hands said: Oh, yes, now i can move! So you understand, said the judge: argue no more: the whole buffalo that you caught, just as any food that you obtain, belongs to the Stomach. From that time on, the 4 friends always remember the judge’s wisdom.

All else is a clever lie; the simple truth is this: EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD DEPENDS UPON WHAT ENTERS THE MOUTH: what the in-coming thing is, and how it is procured.

Remember Christ’s word: “you clean your goblet, while its content was gotten by means of cheating and stealing! you blind Pharisee, purify the content of your goblet (by earning it righteously), and the goblet will automatically be clean”.

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