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Wearing yellow sapphire and Emerald Together

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Hello Gurujana,


I have a specific query in regards to wearing yellow sapphire with emerald.


MY date of birth is 30-06-1979

Place Raj nandgaon (madhya pradesh ) India

Time 11.17 pm


21.05 N, 81.05 E.


My Lagna is Pisces with the lord Jupiter exalted in the 5th house with 4th and 7th lord Mercury. I have been told that this is a very auspicious combination. However, my Mercury is also a Badhakesh and its placement with the Lagna lord in the 5th house is going to be painful and i have to face obstacles in acheiving your goal (lagna lord) and it will also adversely affect my state of mind (or inner harmony) signified by the 5th house.

I have to face the obstacles first in order to achieve results, due to the auspicious combination or lagna lord with other kendra lords in trine.



The 10th lord is guru and he aspects

his own house in bhav chakra. Since he is with sani in the bhava chakra there is much delay in settlements (job & life)





At present I am going through the rahu dasha and second phase of sadesati. As my moon sign is leo, i have been wearing my yellow sapphire on the ring finger as it is related to sun.





Can some one look into this and explain whether wearing both yellow sapphire along with emerald will benefit me in reducing (the effect of obstacles) as i have read few articles where it has not been recomended





Thanks for taking the time to read the question.






Lucky Jupiter


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Dear Lucky Jupiter,


Your font selection is very bad. It's not readable. Please do not bother to start another thread with large fonts or repost. I got what I wanted.


First, your given co-ordinates are different than the one of Raj nandgaon (madhya pradesh ) India. I got 81E02 and 21N06, which I have used.


According to this, the chart formed has the following details.

Lagna : Pisces

Rashi : Leo

Jupiter Exalted.


Rahu MD started from 27th Aug 2006. Currently you are under AD of Rahu till 9th May 2009.


Usually exalted planets don't need strengthening by wearing their stones. Although if you have money to buy Yellow Sapphire set in gold, then it won't do any bad to you. Jupiter rules your ascendant and 10th house, and it is located in 5th house cancer with Mercury. Wearing yellow sapphire will make you more famous, enhance your personality and will make your professional life even better. Although in my humble opinion it's not required.


What is more of a concern is the presence of Rahu, Moon and Saturn in 6th house Leo. If you are facing trouble financially, I think you need to be extra cautious while dealing with money. 6th house is the house of debts and enemy.


You should not think about Emerald. It is not for you. What you need is to strengthen your Mars which rules 2nd house, and is ill placed. It also rules 9th house which will make you more calm and won't cause anxiety, or anger. Mars is a functional benefic for Pisces ascendant. This is the planet which can help you, not mercury. Moon is the other functional benefic. A pearl can make you calm and relaxed.


Right now what's cause you trouble is Shani's sadhe sati. It will end in 2012, so hold on and stay calm. Thing will be great after that.




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