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Is marriage good for me? will i get married? will it sustain? despite these factors?

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Namasthe all and gurujis


my details are as follows


March 8th 1981 2:40 pm Bangalore India


I have observed in my horoscope after some research into fundamentals that the 6th lord of celibacy and the 7th lord of marriage namely jupiter and saturn respectively are in graha yuddha in 3rd house and are aspected fully by ketu and 5th lord mars. while 11th and 4th lord venus and 2nd lord sun have some aspect , the 1st lord moon has a full aspect. i would like to know if marriage will suit me and when it would manifest and if i will be able to sustain it?


I also observed with a little help from visti ji's book that 5th lord aspecting the 6th and 7th relationship in 3rd house in my chart in particular may indicate promiscuity of the spouse?


6th and 9th lord jupiter has a full aspect on 7th house, is this good for sustenance marriage and also for the manifestation of it despite the 6th lordship?


Mercury is in marana karaka sthana in 7th house although this is disputed by many due to the reason being that mercury is also karaka for this house along with venus? could this result in delayed marriage considering the validity of the concept of 7th house being marana karaka sthana for mercury as i have observed in many of my relatives' horoscopes that they have mars in 7th house and mercury in 7th house marana karaka sthana and the one thing that is common to all is delayed marriage or no marriage, atleast not yet.


i personally have a split mind when i consider marriage and i can observe that there is a lot of pressure on me very very indirectly especially from my parents and specially from my father. any well researched and supported theories on this issue are welcome, especially the gurujis. thank you!


best regards

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