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Bija Mantra REENG or REEING for Hanuman?

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Aum Hum Hanumantaaye namah


3,5,7,9,11,21 or 108 times to be repeated.


Beej Beeja Bija mantras give results immediately, but they lose their strength very fast. So they need to be repeated daily. On the contrary, the Vedic mantras are much more stable and steady and give a more long term effect.

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Maharish Ji

Thank you very much for your reply.

You have written two Beej Mantra of Hanumaan Ji in your two e-mails,

Hum Aum Hum Hnumantaaye Namah, and

Aum Hum Hanumantaaye Namah


Which one is correct?

The second thing, if one is doing Jaap of this Mantra for how long do you think or do you suggest one should do Jaap (maybe 108 times a day) to fulfill one's desire?


By the way which one is the Vaidik Mantra for him, which could be recited daily for long term effects or to get Siddhi?


Does one have to follow certain rules pr procedures to get Siddhi of some Mantra? If yes, then what?

I hope I have not asked you too much.



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Got a bit confused - does it mean that the Hanumaan Vandana mantra is Aum Hum Hanumantaaye namah?


Please clarify.




The best mantra for hanuman is the Hanumaan Vandana mantra.


Normal mantra = Aum Hum Hanumantaaye namah

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Dear maharishi

the mantra you gave is rite but this is not not the beej mantra as beej mantras are only one alphabet or you can say voice like hreem, shreem, kreem.



Beej mantra of hanuman = Hum Aum Hum Hanumantaye namah

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