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Can someone please tell me if mars in 2nd house for a female is manglik or not?

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Despite all the modern modifications and modulations and misrepresentations made, mangal dosh has very simple and straightforward rules:

-Mars will be placed in 12th, 1st, 2nd, 4th 7th or 8th in a chart

-Mars or saturn if placed in these positions in spouse's chart will cancel the dosha

-Mars in own, moolatrikona, exalted position will reduce the impact of the dosha if factor 2 is not met (balanced placement of mars or saturn in spouse's chart

- Mangal dosh indicates that the spouse (without balanced dosha) may experience ill-health (not misfortunes, not death, not job loss, ONLY ILL HEALTH!)

- If all factors pertaining to health are strong in spouse's chart (with unbalanced mangal yoga, mars and saturn blah blah blah...) then mangal dosh would not create any miasma magically!



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