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Please help..Urgent

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Hi Senior and learned Members


I need your advice on the remedies which I and my wife should do to minimize the effect of our grahas. We don't seem to agree on anything and are always fighting


My date of Birth is 19/May/1979 time of Birth:03:25 PM Place: Jhansi(UP)

My wife's Date of Birth :03/Feb/1978 Time of Birth 4:20 Pm Place: Begusarai(Bihar).


One of the software shows that we have a nadi dosh(please see attachment).


I would be thankful if you can please guide us on what should we do to make our life happy


Thanks in anticipation


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Throw mustard oil/wine in the drain for 43 days continously.

There is a problem with your wife's chart. You both are manglik. You have a strong mangal. You might be having problems healthwise or financially too.

Try to control your anger.

Good Luck!!

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You should keep a red hanky (cotton) that doesnt shine with you all the time.


Get an earthern pot filled with powdered sugar(desi Khand) and bury it in the cremation ground.


place rain water in the container on the roof of the house.


If you have a daughter, get her nose pricked.


Abstain from non-veg and liquor


Visit temple frequently, avoid accepting donation or daan


take your meals in the kitchen


feed sweet roti to dogs


Wear gold


Water peepal tree.

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