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Queensburgh gets its first Hindu temple

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Wendyl Martin<!--byline0--> Published:<!--date1-->Jan 18, 2009



An old house once owned by a church in the Durban suburb of Queensburgh is being converted into a Hindu temple.<!--blurb0--> <!--par1--><!--par0-->



<!--par1-->The Sri Mayapur Dham, run by the Vaishnava Research Forum, will be the first permanent Hindu place of worship in the area.<!--par0-->

<!--par1-->It recently opened its doors to the Hindu community which for four years has had to attend religious events at halls in the area.<!--par0-->

<!--par1-->While the exterior of the temple is still under construction, weekly services, music and Hindi lessons and Hindu scripture classes have already commenced at the site.<!--par0-->

<!--par1-->Forum member Jack Baboolal said the Battersea Avenue house was bought from the Gereformeerde Kerk for R1.2-million and transferred to the organ- isation last month.<!--par0-->

<!--par1--> “Funds for the purchase of this property as well as its ongoing renovations have come from members of the community, philanthropists, and fund-raising events,” said Baboolal.<!--par0-->

<!--par1--> Baboolal said that they had received no complaints and tried not to disturb their new neighbours.<!--par0-->

<!--par1-->The forum plans to: <!--par0-->


<table xmlns:fo="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Format"><tbody><tr><td colspan="2"><li type="square"> Install a shrine to Mother Ganga; <!--par0--> <!--par1-->

<li type="square"> Bring cows from the Shri Krishna Gowshala cow sanctuary in Thornville, Pietermaritzburg, periodically for cow protection lessons;<!--par0--> <!--par1-->

<li type="square"> Import and consecrate the Hindu deities Krishna and Radha at an official opening later this year; <!--par0--> <!--par1-->

<li type="square"> Maintain and upgrade a research library; and<!--par0--> <!--par1-->

<li type="square">“Adopting-a-spot” from the municipality adjacent to the property to conserve the indigenous vegetation in the area.</td></tr></tbody></table>

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