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What all the Astrologers have said..

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My birth details are 2nd Oct 08, 10 Am, Manipal, India.


Most of the Astrologers we've consulted so far always tell me that Im going to have a great career, and its all bout karma and career. Recently the've said Ill be getting married within the next few months guaranteed.


My chart has a lot of planets in the 10th House, including the 7th Lord.


But then I dont really have that great of a career, and always end up resigning and looking for something else, mainly because my managers dont give me the oppotunity to rise up.


My love life hasnt been that great either, I liked someone, and they ended up marrying someone else. And since then I havent really had any interest in the romantic aspects of things or anyone.


So is my chart ......someone elses? :)

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