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Bulk NONI for sale

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DEar all,


Hari Bol,


Have Six types of NONI and its available for bulk sale, and the MRP price is RS INR 1000 each close to 23$ as per the dollor rate against the Indian Rupee transportation is extra on actual . The following are the SIX types of NONI are as follows:

1 Sanjeevini NONI for General Purpose including major diseases like cancer tb, hiv, kidney failuers and skin diseases and also can be applied over the skin and comes in 1000ML

2 Dianon NONI ONLY for Diabetes 800ml

3 Vianon NONI for Nervous Weakness and Joint pains and couple who dont have Babies, erectile problem, and also it works like viagara only 18 and above should consume the same. 700ml

4 Memonon NONI only to increase the memory power and in general who are mentally sick 800ml and any thing related to brain. 800ML


5 Obenon NONI for those people who are obese and wants to cut fat and correct the cholestrol level 1000ML


6. Femonon for those women whose period cycle has changed and over a period of time its corrected to their respective body. 800ML


All the above diets comes to nearly a 35 to 40 days if taken by one person.


The actual packing of the plastic bottles are done on a hard cardboard from the company itself, kindly let me know to which place it has to be shipped further and the number of pieces.


Mail at the earliest.


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