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Lord Buddha

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There was a young man interested in taking sky diving lessons. Finally he acquired an instructor and began taking lessons. At the end of the lessons the young man, overcome with doubt, began to ask his instructor, "What if the parachute doesn't deploy properly? What if it just doesn't come out?" The instructor replied in a joking fashion, "Just pray that you can walk away!" The young man was even more insecure after that and he looked for another more reassuring answer. By chance, he happened upon another sky-diving instructor, who was a devout Buddhist. The young man asked him, "What should I do if my 'chute fails?" to which the Buddhist instructor advised him, "Just meditate on Lord Buddha and ask His compassion and mercy. He will definitely protect you." The young man was reassured with that answer and went on his merry sky-diving way. As a matter of fate, when the time came to pull his 'chute-cord the parachute did not deploy and the young man was overcome with panic and grief. "Oh, no. Oh no! What do I do? What do I do?" He tried to think and remembering the Buddhist's advise, the young man meditated on Lord Buddha and prayed to Him thus, "Dear Buddha, please Lord, save me!"

To the young man's surprise, he saw a large, beautifully formed hand emerge from the heavens and the clouds parted away, then, the hand caught the young man and then gently placed him upon solid ground. Upon landing, the young man bowed to the ground and kissing the earth proclaimed, "OH, thank God!" Immediately the hand emerged again and *SMACK!* with an open palm smashed the young man into the ground. HAHAHAH

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