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dear devotees , this temporal form is bound by flow , this flow is infinitesimal, and can not be fully known , but it all still shows all as all, the whole spectrum ,pineal to penal and gross flesh , all at the same time , practice what or practice love , if you practice love do your cells know , and are the cells in the brain saying , yes yes yes ,to mind body soul , or something else, you must ask yourself and others what they see , this is a personnel science of soul , not a religion , similarity is more ,difference is more , love is one , but only with hari hari hari , one to three , mind body sense , mind ache body brake , soul forgot , mind clean body does heart clean ,the juice of mind clear , the juice off body well , the juice off soul flow , hari hari hari , it is not a joke , the rest is a choke , until hung , thank you prabhupada for helping us all , this job on you soon done , and then golden age , one at a time , or all at once , only when the devotees stop rowing , and start loving as prabhupada told, a call to arms that hold all with love , a call to words that bathe all with love , and a heart that glows and glows and glows , all with love eternal , sequential perpetual love , is alll hari hari hari , now do do do , and never stop . this love never does , go go go ,all the way round , there for all if they choose, choose hari

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