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Moon's moolatrikona - my guru's insight

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Om gurubhyo namah


Dear jyothisha's


A reader from this forum sent me a message asking why moon's moolatrikona

falls in vrishabha. I place before all of you a " writeup " by my guruji on this.

Hope all of you would benefit from this.


A view on moon's moolatrikona:-


Moon gets exalted in the 3rd degree in Vrishabha in the 2nd charana of Krittika in Makara navamsa, anantha dasamsa and kroora shastyamsa.


The story of the curse of Daksha Prajapati on Chandra(his son-in-law) whose neglect of all his daughters other than Rohini is quite popular. Chandra's subsequent penance and the receipt of blessings of Siva which not only freed him from the curse (though not fully) but also gave him a place in the Head of Lord Siva is worth noting. Krittika is the Head of Nakshatra Purusha. The saapa-vimochana and the subsequent elevation is the cause of Chandra's elation/exaltation. The story does not end here. The fact that Chandra at his peak of exaltation finds his seat in Makara navamsa is to be noted. This Makara is 'kali/strife' rasi where swadharma is the only order of the day. Makara limits the vision to self-benefits. Makara being the 10th sign of Kalapurusha indicates the importance that is given to senses/indriya. This exaltation has the in-built feature of seeking sensational delights. This means there is every possibility of the mirror to become a mere glass which is unwilling to cause reflection!


Chandra taking advantage of his position(being in the Head of Siva) should not indulge(kroora shastyamsa) in projecting himself. The Lord out his extreme mercy can give His Name as Chandramouleeswara/Somanatha. This however does not give license to Moon to think that he is the source of Lord's beauty and power. This gives us the message that those who worship Chandramouleeswara/Somanatha should always place(request the Lord to be) the Lord in front and walk behind.


The nakshatra deity of Krittika is Agni. It is believed that those men who offer themselves and Soma the Gods bring all felicities. The seeker-sacrificers used to offer Soma to Indra for light and manifold puissance. That Indra would not give rain if he was not worshiped was the popular belief. It was SriKrsna who took the initiative to refine this incorrect thinking. 'Govardhana' and 'Go' puja that was introduced by the Lord is worth noting here.


Exaltation gives us a hint about the possibility of the state of intoxication of mind which then become direction less. It definitely needs refinement/Krsna sparsa which then transforms chandra as Soma which will represent the divine delight of being(ananda). This in simple terms indicate the replacement of sense-pleasure by the divine delight which is brought about by the sublimation and divinisation of thought-action.



According to a legend Soma-juice was brought to earth by an eagle(Makara navamsa) from a secret place in the world of Gandharvas.


Soma is considered as the most coveted possession of the seeker-sacrificer that could be offered to the Lord. The offering makes the offerer feel fulfilled.


Siva is Mahakaala. Siva adorns Moon. Moon is mana. We often say that we do not have time at our disposal. This indirectly means that we do not have the mind to go about doing the job too! Kaala daana is what is considered as the most important sacrifice. This however puts forth the condition the involvement/offering of mana/Moon is important/imperative. Mana which is considered as the source of delight needs to be prepared and sufficiently baked in the kiln of askesis/tapasya and fully liberated from tamas and rendered pliant for only a resilient system can yield the necessary 'rasa' for offering to the Lord.


Gayathri is considered as the measure of Kala. Involved singing is advised while offering the Kala. The butter that rises from within when the mind is churned needs to be offered to the Lord.


Exaltation of Moon hints at selfish and temporary enjoyment while refined chandra is the Soma which qualifies the jeeva to attain the gopi bhava for partaking in the exchange of 'rasa'.


end of the writeup:-



may mother bless all






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Dear Swapnil,


Please wash your mind of all polluting western influences and you will be a better person, our culture is no myth its a logical system of influences broken down in form of stories & leelas.










dear sir


yesterday i had posted similar query in forum


thanks for the explanation it also helps me to remember if explained it with mythological story


i can say perfect answer for me





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Dear sir

I need ur help.i m giving u the following informations about me.please consider it and reply it as soon as possible.



1. 8th may,1979,Patna(bihar),india,23:53

2. Female,Varanasi(U.P.)

3. not working

4. married,three siblings one sister and one brother,father is a business man and mother is a house wife

5. I get married on 8 july 2008,it is not going well at all.i am looking for divorce.can i get it.Is there any chance of second marriage.how is my married life.Plz help.

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