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astro_tech ji,deepa ji please help

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Dear Sir,


Myself vikas kumar bansal from Delhi.


D.O.B: 11-01-1972


TIME: 02:35 AM., DELHI.


sir from my birth to till today as I remember, I not see any good time in life....if I try to work (my work when come in progress suddenly its stop) not going to done, I have Hugh debt on me and my younger brothers.


Facing my legal cases.


Married life not also good.


No money for work or I said no money and work on shop. (Depend on my younger brother job)


sir every time when I go to any astrologer they told me in budh dash I have Hugh money, but my dasha start from 2005 and I don't


see any change in my work & money , sir I have in big trouble, please guide me and help me.


Sir when I have get relief in my life in front of money, work, goodwill and married life.


Sir when I get relief from all this legal cases.


Sir what I do so me and my family {my mother, brother and me) getting out this problems.


Sir my mother also always in tension and seek my remedies for her also.


I know I am asking too much question but I have hope, only hope you and you kindness

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sir i have strong feeling that some one doing some black magic/tantra on me,my house/my family and my work place.


Please please please help me sir.



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Dear Vikas,


You are more desirous and money-minded than you are destined to get. You ma be religious and conservative too, yet, money is not everything. This is the lesson your stars want you to learn.


You are intelligent, loving and romantic, very diplomatic and practical. Saturn saadesati is about to begin from September. Hanuman Chalisa is the most potent remedy for you.


I wish you luck! With Moon in the lagna and the all trines aspected by their lords, intelligence and dasha of 9th lord of promotions and luck, please count the great blessings that you have.


Try your best to clear all debts before Sept 2009, otherwise delays are certain.


Best Wishes


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