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India plants flag on Moon!!

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India plants flag on Moon!!

"Impact probe" crashlands to 'material mundane temporary' glory


14th November 2008 16:55 GMT


India has become the fourth nation to join the stuff-on-the-Moon club, after the Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft in lunar orbit successfully launched an impact probe at the lunar surface this afternoon. The 35-kg impactor was blazoned with the Indian flag.


"It will signify the entry of India on Moon," an Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) official said, quoted by the Times of India. The probe drop was described as a "perfect operation".


The Moon Impact Probe (MIP) module was primarily intended "to demonstrate the technologies required for landing the probe at a desired location on the Moon", according to ISRO.


It consisted of a "honeycomb structure" and carried a video camera and a mass spectrometer for examination of the tenuous lunar atmosphere during descent.


Indian TV reported the story under the headers "Indian flag lands on lunar surface" and "Tricolour on Moon".


Chandrayaan-1 will remain in orbit above the Moon for two years, carrying out scientific research. Apart from the MIP it carries a further ten experiments and instruments.


It's all a dream of the baddha-jiva anyway which is also ultimately the DREAM of Maha-Vishnu, so who gives a rats a*** :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :sleep:


In a million years everything will be forgotten and be as if it never existed or never even happened, like all dreams, they fade and be as if they never were


MAYA - That which is not!!



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This is from the Idian media




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</TD></TR><TR><TD style="PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-TOP: 8px" vAlign=top align=left><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="10%" align=left border=0 valign="top"><TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 10px">no-img-small.gif </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>Moon, the symbol of culture and religion


Moin Khadri, Radhika Bordia

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 6:43 PM (New Delhi)


It's one of ]India's biggest scientific missions -- the mission to the moon. But for the people of India, there is so much Vedic tradition of real historic events in another time and place attached to the moon. And today is Sharad Purnima which according to our poets, ]painters,, dancers and singers serves as a huge inspiration. Many scientists also follow the teachings of Guru A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.


It's a night like no other, sung and celebrated in Raga Kedar.


Pundit Chandra Prakash from Ajmer comes from the Haveli Sangeet tradition -- a form of devotional music sung in the Vaishnava temples. Its compositions are rich in the imagery of Krishna and the full moon night of Sharad.


Tonight, Krishna dances the rasa with the gopis. It's the ultimate dance of bliss, passion and ecstasy.


But the night doesn't belong to religion. It belongs to a culture which blends devotion with music, the change of seasons with romance and dance with the meaning of life.


"The full moon night marks the change of season. Lord Krishna's dance with the gopis marks a move towards the onset of winter. To dance tonight is to purify the earth in its 4 directions, the echoes of the music bring celestial magic down to earth," said Chandra Prakash.


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<CENTER>Can you see the Flag on the Moon with a Telescope?</CENTER>





The answer is basically "not a chance". No Earthbound telescope can see the flag on the Moon. Why not? For openers, the Earth's atmosphere is never steady enough to allow resolution below about one arc second for most locations. Beyond that, the telescope required to "see" the flag would need to be absolutely huge! Here is some basic analysis to show what would be needed:


Method 1


Method 1 will use simple proportions to show what would be needed. The Moon's diameter is approximately 2160 miles. The Moon is nominally about 245,000 miles from Earth, and at this distance it subtends a diameter of about 30 arc minutes in the sky as seen from Earth.


There are 60 arc seconds per arc minute, so the Moon is about 1800 arc seconds across. Let's figure out how many arc seconds represent one mile. The calculation is straightforward: if 1800 seconds = 2160 miles, then 1 mile = .83 arc seconds (basically just divide 1800 by 2160).


So, now we know that 1 mile is about .83 arc seconds. How big is the flag? I do not know for sure but let's assume it is 3 feet long on the long side. How many arc seconds is this? We know that 1 mile = .83 arc seconds; the flag is 3/5280 miles wide (or about 5.682e-4 miles).


To find out the arc seconds, we simply multiply this value by .83 to get 4.716e-4 arc seconds. A long time ago someone named Dawes determined that the resolution of an optical telescope is basically 4.5 divided by the telescope's diameter (in inches). So, from that we can rearrange the equation to say that the diameter of the telescope needed (in inches) is 4.5 divided by the resolution required (arc seconds).


Dividing 4.5 by4.716e-4 comes out to be 9542 inches. Converting this to feet yields about 795 FEET! And this would be the required telescope diameter to JUST BARELY see the flag at all! And, it would only be just visible as a small dot, it would not "look" like a flag at all. Let's say we really want to see the flag and have it look like a flag. We'll have to make some assumptions again. Let's assume that the stripes on the flag are 2 inches wide and we want to just be able to see them.


Using the same method as above we can come up with an answer. In this case we need to be able to see something that is 2/12/5280 miles wide, or 3.157e-5 miles. We multiply this by .83 to get the resolution (2.62e-5). Dividing 4.5 by this number yields 171759 inches, or about 14300 FEET! This value is also about 2.7 miles. Clearly it is not possible to build an optical telescope of this size. So, basically the Flag on the Moon remains "invisible" to us here on Earth.


Method 2


Method 2 will use trigonometry to show the same basic result as above (to be added).




What about the Hubble Space Telescope?



As powerful as Hubble is (above the limits of the Earth's atmosphere), it has no chance of seeing the Flag on the Moon. What could it see? Well, Hubble has a mirror that is 98 inches in diameter. That gives it a resolution of 4.5/98 or about 0.046 arc seconds.


If one does the math, this translates to a resolution of about 292 feet. So, Hubble could just detect an object that was 292 feet across on the Moon. To see any detail on an object, it would have to be somewhat larger.


To put this in perspective, if a typical pro football stadium was located on the Moon Hubble could make out some basic details (the field could just barely be made out in the center of a very small oval).


Conclusion - you can't prove man went to the moon from telescopes on earth. However, like many others, I now am convienced the American did go to the moon.


ISKCON shouldn't worry, the Catholic Church survived their belief that the world was created in six days, althoufh the Pope did work very hard to defeat and even imprision or kill the philosophers and scientists of the day (14th and 15th Century) yjat spoke of such things

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Stop being arrogent and blinded by 'so called faith' It's a fact man walked on Moon!! But could not enter the subtle heavenly ethreal atmosphere there in their gross biological body (vessel) and it's material extentions (Apollo 11-16)


Fortunately the Soviets didn't think of the gag first. They could have filmed their own fake Moon landings and really embarrassed the free world.


faking a Moon rock well enough to hoodwink an international army of scientists might be more difficult than the Manhattan Project. "It would be easier to just go to the Moon and get one," he quipped.


And therein lies an original idea: Did NASA go to the Moon to collect props for a staged Moon landing? It's an interesting twist on the conspiracy theory that TV producers might consider for their next episode of the Moon Hoax.


"I have here in my office a 10-foot high stack of scientific books full of papers about the Apollo Moon rocks," added McKay. "Researchers in thousands of labs have examined Apollo Moon samples -- not a single paper challenges their origin! And these aren't all NASA employees, either. We've loaned samples to scientists in dozens of countries [who have no reason to cooperate in any hoax]."


Even Dr. Robert Park, Director of the Washington office of the American Physical Society and a noted critic of NASA's human space flight program, agrees with the space agency on this issue. "The body of physical evidence that humans did walk on the Moon is simply overwhelming."

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Of poor tax payers money. What have they learned from this waste of money exercise? Let me guess.....ahhh yes what goes up must come down:idea:


Ok maybe they just wanted to see how dust cload look like (that is if they can see so far....

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