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Astrotech jee

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Uner Mohan

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Respected Astrotech jee,




Can you please look in the native's chart & please predict about following two queries:


(i) Marriage alliance: Period of likely marriage/status of spouse/inlaws.

(ii) The native has gone abroad on deputation of 9 months. Deputation expiring in around May' 09. He is intersted in staying back overseas. Will he get another job abroad or will he have to come back to India after his deputation overseas is completed around May' 09.


His Birth detail are:


POB....Lucknow, DOB...April 14, 1984 & TOB...01.15 pm.


Thanks & Best Regards.........uner mohan

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Dear Astrotech jee,


Namaskar & thanks for your response. The naitive is my son. He was borne in a hospital. I asked the lady doctor (she was known to me personally) specifically to note his birth detail. She immediately told me his birth time when she came out of the labour room to inform me the outcome. So they should be correct. You may kindly assume his birth detail correct. I shall appreciate if you may kindly study his horoscope & give predictions about his future & my queries as requested above.


Thanks once again for spending your valuable time & replying to me.


Best Regards..........uner mohan

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Overall, the period from mid Jan 2009 onwards to July 2011 is likely to create tensions and changes in professional field; therefore, there are strong chances that he may have to return India.

However, the period between mid July 2009 to Jan 2010 denotes sufficient support of luck in connection with foreign visits and assignments during which he can look for some significant improvements.


Regarding marriage - presently he is running under suitable time of getting married/engaged especially before mid Jan 2009. In any case, he is very likely to get married before July 2011.

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Dear Astrotech jee,


Namaskar & Thanks for your reply.


Just for my curosity, is it possible to know about one's spouse by looking at one's horoscope. I have posed this question in this forums a few times earlier also. But so far no one has been able to reply. Can you please enlighten me about my curosity. If it is possible then will you please kindly predict about the above naitive's would be spouse.


Thanks & Bets Regards....renu bakshi

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i have been trying to conceive for 6 yrs pls tell me when will i concieve

pls tell me the year atleast a real request


my dob is 2nd sep 1979 time of birth is 8 24 am born in chennai

date of marriage is july 6th 2003 Guruji pls help


my partners dob is 26 th april 1976 chennai


i have been taking medical treatement for 2 full yrs injections and tabs pls tell me if i will concieve now in approximately few months



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