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Need Mantra/Tantra to Break Marriage

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Can anyone suggest me any mantra or tantra to stop the marriage.

i'm not gonna try this on any other people. this is for myself.

My parents fixed the marriage with the guy whom i hate.

i dont like to get marry with him. i tried to talk to parents,

but they are not listening to me. so, i just wanted find any

magic or anything to break this marriage.

Pls suggest me any mantra/tantra.


Thank u.

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Well, my comment has nothing to do with mantra or tantra.

I would rather ask you do you love someone? Then ofcourse, never marry anyone else.

I do not understand, how can they marry you off if you do not co-operate? Just tell them a strong NO. And do not co-operate with anything which will take you nearer to the marriage!! Like show to the other family & the guy thaht you are not interested. Send a strong messsage to jeopardise the marriage. That way, they will back off.

Now, if you think that that will hurt you parents!! Tell me, whcih parents do not bring up their children & take care of them. this is biological law & all animals & living beings do that. But only some homo sapiens parents force marriage on ther children of their choice. But understanding & loving parents would never do so. So, be strong & fight your way.




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