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Tulasi and neem oil

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Haribol !!

It's me again with my Tulasi care problems...

This year i've planted a Tulasi devi and it's growing nicely since June. I live in Bordeaux, France andi use grow lights. The weather was quite good and sunny until a few weeks before.


Now it's getting cold and i put her in my baby daughter room in the day, with the electric radiator on up to 24-28 ° C. But i have now a problem with small insects eating her leaves. Yesteday i bathed her with soap according to the Tulasi handbook method.


I took a leaf to the local growshop, and the guy told me she's attacted by dust mites, but i saw also bigger insects, like spiders or mites i don't really know.


He adviced me to spray Her with neem oil diluted in water once a week. I just did. But he also told me i should put her in a colder atmosphere, like around 17-20 ° C all the time to prevent these dust mites to proliferate. I'm afraid it would be really dangerous for Tulasi to be at such temperature.


Any good advice ?? thanks !!


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