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O' learned Astrolgers, please enlighten me

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My name is Probeen. I have recently joined this forum. I want advice from experts on the subject of astrology.


1) I am presently working in Kuwait . But I am not happy with my career. I want to join this particular company in Bangalore. I have applied twice before, but I could not clear the final interview. Faced with the failures, my work is suffering & I cannot devote to my present work.


2) I am not disciplined as well as lack will power & concentration. . I am very lazy which is the outcome of not-disciplined. This might have also prevented me from achieving my dreams.


3) I easily get tempted by feel-good factors like lust, procrastination, & rest.


As per advice from someone, I am presently wearing Pukhraj in Gold (index finger), Neelam in Gold (middle finger), Panna in Gold & Red Coral in Copper (both on ring finger), all in Right Hand.


But now, I have heard that my gemstones may conflict each other.

Please take a look at my problems above & suggest me what is best for my career & for my personality. My particulars are:

Date of Birth: 22 December 1978, Time: 6:25 AM, Place: Dibrugarh ( Assam , India ), Latitude: 27:29 N, Longitude: 94:54 E, Gender: Male


Thanking you in anticipation


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The gems worn are surely in conflict with each other; besides Neelam(Blue Sapphire) and Panna (Emerald) are not favorable.

The appropriate combination of gems should be as under: (in decreasing order of positivity)

Jupiter and Mars (Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral) - The Best for personality and carreer

Jupiter and Moon (Yellow Sapphire and Pearl) - Good

Jupiter and Sun ( Yellow Sapphire and Ruby) - Good

Rahu and Mars (Gomedha and Red Coral) - Moderately suitable

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