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Doctrine of the Lamb of God explains origin of the soul

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These are two post I posted in a blog about the origin of the Jiva, talking about the Sridhar Maharaj and Srila Prabhupada's points of view (brahman and vaikuntha). you will read below that both are right and are just different perspectives of the diferent stages of the soul according to the revelation. Sadly mostly of the revelation is in spanish and below are my realization stuying it carefully for almost 6 years....




post 1:



Hari Bol



The origin of the jiva is explained very well in a new revelation, well, God is living and has revealed new knowledge the origin of the jiva is explained like this:

1.- Two spiritual suns meet together and create infinite jivas.

2.- They make one sun and create infinite sparks of spiritual fire.

3- the first shape of the jiva is a point, then a line a triangle, square, etc etc, until it becomes a circle, this spiritual sparks first is floating around the spiritual sun (creator). Here the spiritual sparks are sleeping, but at the same time are conscious, are like babies that doesn’t know why are seeing, feeling, etc. this jiva before being a point was an idea of the solar father (conscioussned of god).

4- infinite jivas are in this state because they are generated without limit.

5- after a while these jivas are called by their parents and incarnates in this spiritual suns there they can see their solar parents face to face (expansion of God). This is the first encarnation of the jiva and it is in the spiritual world, there is only one incarnation (in the spiritual world) and infinite reencarnation in the material worlds.

6- these jivas are called for living, they can remain in this spiritual planet or go to the material worlds. the revelation says that God never send his sons to the material world, the jivas wants to know the material worlds because they haveno experience of it. New jivas are prone to descend because they are almost totally ignorant of it. They are like childrens, for example a children can say i want this and this, and his father says ok. Here the Lord says ok, but He say that the material world is dangerous, but He accept because He knows that we will learn, We can learn here in the material world and in the spiritual world. after death we go back to the spiritual world and can stay in that place, there we will be judge according to our deeds and there they will say us if we can remain there or not, un til we become elightened. it is like this, I just giving a hint of this revelation there are thousans of other details…

I am studying this revelation and I am reading that we can become Solar fathers and create jivas like god, i.e. there are many gods and onlyone suprem god. i.e we can become like god but at the same time He is without limit increasing in power, expanding his limits. We are just in kindegarten and He has a Phd and getting more and more titles ad infinitum and the first in all… Also the revelation sys that God is in all places even inside our soul inside our soul there aren finite spiritual planets, galaxies universes etc…. and is God there in the center….



if you want more info go to:








Post: 2




Yes I have heard that, but my background is more vedic than Christian. Personally I think that the vedic literature and others from other regions has part of the truth but not the whole truth, I mean, for example, The vedic literature says that from fire comes water and then earth and after that somehow or other the living entities are generated, this is a fundamental truth ok, all agree on this, but the vedc literature doesn’t explain how this happen scientifically and the revelation I am talking about explain this… also explain how jivas are generated full of details, how the ideas are generated and how all things are generated….


For example jiva tattva: Who is right Srila Prabhupada or Sridhar Maharaj?

I think that you are aware that Prabhupada followers says that we came from vaikuntha and Gaudiya Math says from Brahman, so who is right? Prabhupada many tmes said that we come from Vaikuntha and sometimes from Brahman and is not very clear, and Srdhar Maharaj says that we come from Brahman and not from Vaikuntha, so it seems that there is a contradiction, and this point is very very important. So who is right? according to the revelation I am talking about both are right I will explain this:


Sridhar Maharaj Says (quoted from your post):


“The brahmajyoti, the nondifferentiated marginal plane, is the source of infinite jiva souls, atomic spiritual particles of nondifferentiated character. The rays of the Lord’s transcendental body are known as the brahmajyoti, and a pencil of a ray of the brahmajyoti is the jiva. The jiva soul is an atom in that effulgence, and the brahmajyoti is a product of an infinite number of jiva atoms.”


Ok, this effulgence has a source and according this revelation this source are the spiritual suns of the macrocosm (literally), spiritual suns are in couple i.e. there is a female and male sun who meet together and make jivas, this effulgence is known as brahmajyoti in vedic terms, but in this revelation is called solar fire and this solar fire is living and made of primitive spirits-sparks and other energies. When two spiritual suns merge together jivas are created and expulsed around their solar corona, there the primitive souls (jivas) are in a divine dreaming state.


“Generally, souls emanate from the brahmajyoti which is living and growing. Within the brahmajyoti, their equilibrium is somehow disturbed and movement begins. From nondifferentiation, differentiation begins. From a plain sheet of uniform consciousness, individual conscious units grow. And because the jiva is conscious it is endowed with free will. So, from the marginal position they choose either the side of exploitation or the side of dedication.”

Yes, souls are emanating from somewhere, and this is the spiritual suns i.e vaikuntha planets because all there is self-effulgent in the spiritual world. First we were an idea of God, for example if I want to create something first I think in such thing, God do the same but in a spiritual level, When He wants to created a jiva first He thinks in that jiva and then that jiva is manifested, but before being manifested we were living in his mind as an idea. How this equilibrium is disturbed? The revelation explain this very easily: the jivas are called or waken up by his solar fathers after being manifested, when we are floating in the solar corona of the spiritual sun, there we are called and we incarnate in that spiritual sun. The revelation says that we are connected with our place of origin, that in our head we have an umbilical cordon connected with our spiritual sun of origin, maybe from this comes the tradition of the sikha, at least ancient egyptians used a kind of sikha for this reason.


So, why Prabhupada is right when he says that we were in Vaikuntha?


The revelation says that we were floating around the spiritual suns in a dreaming state and then we were called by our Solar parents, this is the first incarnation of the soul and is in the spiritual world, there we got a spiritual body automatically, and we could see God and his wonderful activities, we talk with Him, play with him, etc. we were like infants souls, with no experience of life. there is something curious here, because the vedas says that we come from tatastha sakti, tatastha means border, but if you take just tata, tata means father, and stha means being (being-father?) and I am saying that we were originated by Solar Fathers, and that we can become solar fathers and create jivas….

So according to the revelation both are right, when we incarnate in the spiritual planets we become aware of god, but we have no experience of life, so because the souls are curious wants to go to the material worlds, they say to the Lord, I want to know what is dead, I want to know what is not seeing you, I want to know what is suffering, I want to know what is not to remember our spiritual past, even they want to experience the most ridiculus things, because as new born jivas we have no experience of nothing, and how they know that there is a place like the material world? well, the revelation says that in the spiritual suns there are Televisions (Yes I am not joking) and in that television is possible to see all what is happening in all places even the material worlds, also when a soul is returning to the spiritual kingdom he says to his soul brothers that exist a place like the material world… all is a game a divine game, and the jivas become atracted by the material world, because they have never taste something like that, and these jivas say to Krsna I want to go I want to go like a little child that wants a candy, and He says ok go, and there the Lord show him all his future life even before living it. Every jiva wants something different so I can’t generalize here. But the revelation says that before comming here we promise the Lord never forget Him and He says us that the only way to go back to the spiritual world again is not become impure. So we came to the material world and the problem is that we can’t go back, because is a hard task, very hard, so hard that the Lord have to come to rescue us, and is not his fault that we are here, we wanted, and after many many births we become bored and want to come back, here we become intelligent jivas, mature jivas. Here is why every of us wants to progress spiritualy in our life, because we have a slight notion of a spiritual origin, Prabhupada used to say that we have to remember Krsna, we are his lost servants, we have a an eternal relationship with him, etc. If we have no spiritual origin or we have no contact with the Lord and existence in the spiritual world, so there is nothing to remember, there could be no spiritual attraction, even after millions of births.

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Origin of the soul

Paarsurrey says:

I understand from Christ/Krishna Second Coming 1835-1908, that soul is created by GodAllahParmesherYHWH. If the souls are not created by Him, Mukti to humans under the present Hindu cocepts; one just cannot attain it naturally, rationally and ogically. Human wise men; I respect them all- the whole lot of them of whatever hues and colours; but they cannot match the Wisdom of the ONE-Creator of Heavens and Earth; neither have they claimed it, in my opinion.

I am convinced by Christ/Krishna Second Coming 1835-1908 in this connection; but others are free to convince me otherwise, if they could surpass him.

Christ/Krishna Second Coming 1835-1908 says:

But if particles and souls are not related to God as His creation, there will be no justification for such a relationship either.

There is no doubt that for such 'independent' souls, the existence of Parmeshwar is of no use, nor will they have anything to lose by His non-existence. In this situation, salvation—which the Arya Samaj refer to as mukti—becomes impossible to attain, for it wholly depends upon the personal love for God which He has created in the very nature of the souls.

If souls have not been created by Parmeshwar, how can they love Him by their very nature? And Parmeshwar could not have placed His love in their nature afterwards, because natural love is something that has to be eternally inherent in them and not something that was created later on. This is what God refers to in the Holy Quran when He says: i.e., I asked the souls, "Am I not your Creator?" And the souls replied, "Yes, indeed."(Quran: Al- A‘RAF, 7:17) The meaning of this verse is that the soul contains in its very nature the testimony that God is its Creator.

The soul, being God’s creation, loves Him naturally and instinctively.

Fountain of Christianity http://www.alislam.org/library/books/Fountain-of-Christianity-20080505MN.pdf

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